My spiritual writing cleanse Day 6: Something’s Gotta Give

One of my favorite movies is “Something’s Gotta Give,” written and directed by Nancy Meyers, starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. It’s about an older woman who falls in love with her daughter’s boyfriend who happens to be her same age. When I was a mentor with the WriteGirl organization I actually got a chance to meet Nancy Meyers and she’s totally this character.

The dude is a 60ish year old bachelor, total ladies man, successful owner of a hip hop label and she is a famous playwright who is a “tower of strength”, super successful, formidable. Anyway, they fall in love after he gets a heart attack while staying in her Hamptons house. She ends up taking care of him for a few days since he can’t go back to the city until the doctor clears him. It’s there when they fall in love. When they return to the city, she sees him on a date with a younger woman. He tells her he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend and this totally breaks her heart. One of my favorite sequences of this movie shows Diane Keaton BALLING, CRYING while writing her script about their very relationship. She basically writes out her pain, lets it come out and it ends up turning into a very successful Broadway play.

I can say that I have had my moments with this type of feeling, like balling crying and not knowing what to do with your feelings. I’ve always dreamed of writing the way Diane Keaton did in this movie. I guess I never really had my heart broken like that until recently.  I know what that feels like to just cry like you never thought you would stop but eventually you do. But there’s something magical about crying. It cleanses you. I allowed myself to just cry and cry and cry until I had nothing left but energy to put into my creative life, so that’s where I am and I feel like myself again. Like Diane Keaton, I didn’t try to resist what I felt. I embraced it, let it flow right through me so the pain is no longer there.

This process utilizing Viki King’s book allows you to do just that, to purge whatever is inside of you that wants, begs to become a story. As I near the end of this random draft process, I feel like I’ve nearly released all that was inside of me. I will be wrapping up my first draft of this script within the next few days and I couldn’t be more excited.