My Spiritual Writing Cleanse Day 14: Rewriting Pages 60-75

Breaking a script into chunks is a more viable way to approach a 120-page screenplay. I am a Cardinal sign, so I am all for beginnings, starting new things. I always am really good at my first act. I usually don’t start a script unless I have my ending in mind as well, but the middle….where all the changes and struggles happen…

That’s where I tend to get all mushy like old bananas.

I’m very straightforward and I like to just get things done without all the waiting, the ups and downs. I will be honest in saying that in my past I haven’t always trusted in the process of life. I have often skipped the present moment and want to get to the end.

One thing that’s helped me with this problem is gardening. I’ve been seriously gardening since August of last year. I’ve seen plants come and go and really laid witness to what it takes to make something grow. It takes time, process, there is an actual formula for growth, any growth.

For me, planting the seed is the Act I. Watering, pulling weeds, waiting for the plant to push out of the ground is Act II, and actually seeing the fruits bloom is Act III. I guess eating the fruits would be like getting paid or selling a script, huh?

Anyway, I’ve learned to respect the Act II process. Just because I can’t see what’s going on underground, doesn’t mean work isn’t actually happening, work that is really necessary for the creation to be beautiful, edible, sellable.

Anyway, Day 14 involves rewriting pages 60-75. The character breaks through obstacles using the skills she’s learned, things get realized, things are learned at this point. King says to write for eight minutes about what you learned about the story from writing this script and then to underline whatever jumps out at you. That will be the essence of what the character realizes.

I will be honest. I didn’t write for 8 minutes. I knew what I had realized and it was about self confidence, about consistency, about being in solitude, alone, getting things done. My characters are very pro-active, getting over hurtful relationships and family drama. They are totally me and my way to deal with letting go of false realities.


My spiritual writing cleanse, Days 7-9: First Draft “Done-so”

So yesterday I finished¬†the first draft of my script. As a buddy of mine would say, it’s “Done-so,” maybe pronounced DUNZO. lol. I know. Dorky. But it’s nice to say, “Done-so” when something is done. It feels good. Try it.

Today I read the script with a friend and it’s not half bad. Yes, it’s a baby zygote, fetus, the beginning of a creative pregnancy. Yes, it needs work, but after a week of writing a 120-page screenplay straight from your heart, you cannot judge. Viki King actually says not to judge your work. She says not to ask if it’s good or bad. You are just supposed to ask these questions:

Does this scene work?

What did I want to show here?

Can I show it another way more effectively?

Is the story that I wanted to tell the story I told?

Is it true to my original feeling?

Did you know what it was about?

Could you identify with the characters?

Was this movie about what you thought it was about?

These are good questions to ask.¬† I am going to change my mentality about re-writing. In my past, I’ve found re-writing to be one of the most challenging parts of writing, but I will look at it with a positive, open mind and embrace every uncomfortable, nail-biting urge. I kinda have to stay positive and feel good about what I’ve created. My fourth screenplay baby is on its way to being born.