Meditation challenge: at the beach, off the phone

So today I decided to turn my phone off completely for hours. I got a text early in the morning during my drive to my friend’s house and ignored it because I didn’t feel like responding. I was thinking, driving, just being in my present moment.

I got to my friend’s house and we took off to go hiking in Malibu to see some waterfalls (something I’ve been wanting to do for years). Once I got to my friend’s house I decided to turn off my phone as more text messages flooded in. I only turned it on to take some pictures once we reached our destination, then turned it back off again.

We spontaneously decided to go to the beach and I wore my pink underwear and her tank top because I didn’t have a bathing suit! It was this little hole in the wall location totally away from most people. We had to climb through a hole in a fence and down some cliffs to get there but it was totally worth the danger and spontaneity. I laid down after enjoying the water and closed my eyes. I remembered how I am doing a meditation challenge and decided that I wasn’t going to let my location stop me.

I remember my late uncle, Paul, meditating any place he could. He would do it while riding in the back seat of cars, just anywhere he could. So I closed my eyes and started my deep breathing in and out and began counting. Any time thoughts came into my head, I decided to say to myself that I am loved, that I’m here. I love myself, I kept saying. I’m taking care of myself, I kept saying. I let myself take in the warm sun and the soothing sounds of the ocean, and was grateful for the spontaneous day, for my lively girl friend, and for the opportunity to be where I was. I took care of myself today. I kept my phone off. I did what my heart wanted and it felt so great.



Affirmation: Clarity, Peace, Serenity

I know it’s cheesy, but this affirmation comes from a Fergie song, “Big Girls don’t cry.” There is a part of the song where Fergie talks about leaving her partner to go home and get some “clarity, peace, serenity.” I think that’s great because it’s what we all need even if we are in relationships. Last night I was having a hard time sleeping and I just wasn’t feeling good. As I laid down to try to sleep, I started thinking of what I wanted in my life and it was peace and serenity. I kept hearing Fergie’s voice in my head, calmly singing, “Clarity, peace, serenity,” and I fell asleep, not to awaken for many hours later.

And this morning, I have just been busy getting things done like gardening, walking with my grandma, and cleaning the house. It has been super productive. For a few seconds, I got that feeling back again, that ugly, fear, and I had to bring myself back to my present moment. The present is a gift. I am here only aiming to have clarity, peace, and serenity. Seriously just saying it out loud feels good and my head immediately is conjoined with my body and I remember all that I am here to accomplish in this life.

I just wanted to share how this affirmation has worked for me on this beautiful day. We are a gift to the world and achieve heaven when we are peaceful. That’s all I want for myself and for everyone alive out there these days.