5 ways to Compost emotions

In the spirit of cleansing out/cleaning for the new year, I went through my internet favorites bar, deciding what I was still interested in, had done or already read, and I came across this article "How to grieve, rage, and move on," by Dr. Christiane Northrup about healing from our drama from the past. We always hear that … Continue reading 5 ways to Compost emotions


Building legacy with our own two hands

So the other day I was looking at my instagram and saw this post by one of my favorite people, Julien Kang, an inspirational mma fighter/actor/model who also happens to be very handsome 🙂 . He listed the hashtag, "realman" so I checked it out and saw all these cool posts about what some people think … Continue reading Building legacy with our own two hands

On Not having kids before you’re 30

why it's good to wait to have kids until you are in your thirties

The power of goodbye

There can be a real fear in letting go of something or someone you have held for a long time because you don't know if you will ever find it again or be alone forever. There's a real comfort in our bad habits that end up becoming learned behavior. We really get upset because we … Continue reading The power of goodbye

A Course in Miracles Lesson 16

Today's lesson from the Course is "I have no neutral thoughts." It said that every thought you have contributes to truth or illusion; either it extends truth or multiplies illusion. This made me think of the other day when I walked away from a verbal sparring I'd allowed myself to take part in with a … Continue reading A Course in Miracles Lesson 16