My Writing Spiritual Cleanse Day 1

Okay, I’m trying something different. Something I’ve never done before, blogged about before, or attempted fully. I’ve done the Master Cleanse, Raw food detox cleanses, workout regimens, yoga challenges, but never have I ever attempted a writing cleanse.

There is a book I have used to kick start my writing process. I’ve used it many times before but mostly to push out a first draft of a screenplay. That book is called “How to write a movie in 21 days” by Viki King. Ten years ago when I first started writing, I attended a screenwriting workshop at Josefina Lopez’s Casa 0101 studio taught by Josefina herself. In that class I received a wealth of information including a bootleg copy of Final Draft for $5 and Josefina’s recommended reading list. As a new writer, I devoured everything on her list but was mostly drawn to the Viki King book because it emphasized using your heart to write rather than your head.

Writers live in their heads because that’s our canvass. Sometimes we don’t get things done because we think too much. I can definitely testify to this truth because I often overthink things so much and give every possible avenue a chance to fight for its right to be in my story, that I just don’t push stories forward. Viki King’s book will help you cut out all the bullshit from your writing process and just get the sucker done.

So anyway, today, on a whim, I decided to push one of my screenplay outlines into existence and all of the sudden I’m 10 pages in!

This screenplay is all about healing. Probably one of the only stories I’ve ever written with a yoga theme. I’m all about that yoga, especially these days, going every day.

Day 1 of the book asks you to write for two hours or until you have 10 pages. It took me about two hours to do 10 pages. King says that if you haven’t written 10 pages in 2 hours, then you are already breaking the rules by thinking too much!

I’m excited to see how this endeavor goes.