Love is making sweet harmony

This above photo is everything I know love is. The guy sits with his back pressed against this girl, so close, just enough to get the job done and that’s play a guitar together. To teach, to learn, requires openness, working together for growth, for one common goal and that’s to make sweet harmony. When you have found such a thing, a person to make music with, you may never want to let them go.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone all the time. Key word is wanting. There is no freedom without boundaries, especially in love. Not being with your special person all the time is essential but that doesn’t mean you can’t long for their presence.

When you find yourself maybe not really caring or wanting to be with that person all the time, then maybe it’s really not love.

Love is loving to look into your special person’s eyes. Not wanting to turn away ever.  Love is knowing that they find you to be the most special person in the world. Love is accepting the imperfections of another. Not needing to fix them but accepting them and finding perfection in their imperfection. Love is always wanting to support their dreams, providing distance when necessary but always an incessant, burning devotion. Openness. Complete dedication to that which is special, the thing that pulls people to each other in the middle of the night. Sharing honesty. Not wanting to be away. Not needing to be drunk. Not needing to hug others, kiss others, sleep with others. No one comes close. No one gets it like you two do.

Love is wanting your special person to be better and healthy so you two can stay alive long together to make creations, children, be grandparents, supporters of future generations, the backbone of a family. A sacred tree that is strong and special when two creatures in nature cross-pollinate.

Cross-pollination is love. Alone, we can’t achieve such miracles. When you know you can cross-pollinate with another, you simply must have to. You simply must defend this ability given by the universe. It’s your duty to defend this love.

Love is never letting go when it’s hard, only when necessary for growth. Love is knowing when you are wrong and sometimes letting the other person be right when they are not just to humor them for a few hours.

That’s the kind of love I used to believe in but let selfish people convince me wasn’t right. They were wrong.