5 ways to Compost emotions

In the spirit of cleansing out/cleaning for the new year, I went through my internet favorites bar, deciding what I was still interested in, had done or already read, and I came across this article "How to grieve, rage, and move on," by Dr. Christiane Northrup about healing from our drama from the past. We always hear that … Continue reading 5 ways to Compost emotions


Re-growing food from scraps

I am obsessed with gardening. If you would have told me this was going to happen a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy, but now I'm a freaking gardener and loving every minute. My hands are always dirty, I find my heart skipping a beat every time I see a Home Depot or nursery, and … Continue reading Re-growing food from scraps

What we can learn from garden compost

Yesterday was my day to work with the kids in the garden. It was a sad day when we discovered that the insides of our compost bin are no Bueno, and we have to start over. Almost three months of work down the toilet. Life can get super symbolic sometimes. When I got home, I dug deep in … Continue reading What we can learn from garden compost

What the Garden taught me

Today my grandma and I sat down and began the process of harvesting pomegranate seeds for juicing and dehydrating. I really need to show you the amazing tree she has growing in her front yard. The pomegranates started falling from the tree about a month ago, so we started taking them down. We filled up … Continue reading What the Garden taught me