Grandma’s Saltwater Flush

So yesterday morning my grandma woke me up like at 5am saying that she wanted to go to the emergency room because she was in pain from her leg cramps and she was constipated. She wanted me to go get her an enema from the drugstore and that’s when I told her I knew of something that would make her poop: the saltwater flush.

She was desperate, so she said she would try it. I had to admit I was nervous because she said she had pain in her pelvis. I started thinking that maybe it was something else, but I gave her the saltwater drink anyway and went to the drugstore to get an enema and stool softener, at the pharmacist’s suggestion.

When I returned, my grandma had drank the entire saltwater drink so I gave her a second one, just to be sure. About 30 minutes later, the magic happened and she began to poop. She even had an accident, but I could see the relief in her face. It worked and I felt good knowing that I could help her. She didn’t expect to be pooping so much though. She was like, “I’m still going.” I told her that she had basically given herself a natural colonoscopy and whatever was in her colon was coming out in a hot, hurried frenzy. Oh, the saltwater flush won’t let any of us down. I know it’s gross but if you are reading this, then you may know just how euphoric it feels after you experience the saltwater flush. Nobody should be denied this feeling and it’s totally free. All you need to have or buy is sea salt.

Hopefully my grandma will see that my natural methods are good and they work. I returned the enema and stool softener today because she didn’t need that stuff. Those damn pain pills she takes make her constipated. Doctors need to understand the serious effects many of these medications have on the patients who ingest them. These freaking pills make her tired, loopy, and constipated. This is the solution my grandma’s doctor has provided to deal with her terrible leg cramps. We as a society need to be more independent and learn natural healing because the pharmaceutical industry is just another business that doesn’t have the consumer’s best interest at heart. I’m glad I was here to help my grandma otherwise she would have gone to the emergency room.  I’m grateful I was able to help my grandma in her desperate time of need.


What the Garden taught me


Today my grandma and I sat down and began the process of harvesting pomegranate seeds for juicing and dehydrating. I really need to show you the amazing tree she has growing in her front yard. The pomegranates started falling from the tree about a month ago, so we started taking them down. We filled up an entire barrel with pomegranates.

I have to say that I am way more connected with the earth these days, and maybe that’s why I am where I am. Since my grandma is too old to bend down and take care of her garden, I’ve taken on the responsibility and it’s been absoultely amazing and I am grateful for every moment I get to spend tending to the kale, mint, basil, orange, lemon, and avocado trees. We are actually planning on planting some new leafy greens for the upcoming winter season. This would be my first time ever planting something in 30 years. Oh, yea. I turned 30 this past weekend, so I’m a freaking adult now. My trial and error phase is over and I’m really glad for some reason. I don’t feel like a kid anymore. I haven’t felt like a kid for the past three years or so, but now it’s official. I’m not a young adult anymore. Couldn’t have happened at a better time that I get into gardening because I’ve learned so much about how to live and what caring for life means.

Gardening really is life teaching. It’s funny because for the longest time I was watering weeds in my grandma’s garden. I wasn’t actually sure what I was doing. I knew it was summer and the plants and veggies needed watering often, so I would go out there everyday and water, but I didn’t know how to decipher weeds from plants until I asked my grandma to show me what was what. She laid it down and told me. We both laughed as I told her I had been watering weeds all summer. But it was okay, I pulled them out and started tending to the soil underneath that wasn’t getting watered as much due to the weeds.

I learned that we need our elders to show us the way and sometimes we can be caring and giving attention to things that go out of control and won’t give us any sustenance, like weeds. I’ll be honest. I have cared for weeds for a long time like ugly thoughts or negative people and they had gone out of control. But what’s cool is that you can always start over. You can pull out the weeds, air out the soil, and start again. It’s never too late. All we need is a little help and a wise voice from an experienced gardener to help us tend to our own soil. Sometimes weeds have DEEP roots, but you can always pull them out with a strong hand and make sure that every day, every week, we tend to the garden or it will die or get out of control.

That’s life right there. Simple. I couldn’t be more grateful to be here with my grandma, harvesting pomegranate seeds and making plans to keep the garden alive and prosperous. Sometimes we don’t always know what we are doing on the earth but all of the sudden something clicks. The garden helped me sort through weeds in my life and gave me hope and reassurance that I’m in the right place because I needed to learn how to garden.

Staying Pure inside and Out

For the past few days I’ve been on a mission to cleanse myself via eating raw food (as usual). I basically did it because I wanted to feel lighter since we are approaching summer and feeling light is just awesome. What I noticed though is that when we eat pure, every aspect of our lives gets pure as well.

We want to hang with good people, we want to do the right thing, we want to be clean, productive, helpful, and kind. If we are treating ourselves right, then every other aspect of our lives is rewarded.

I noticed that today, as I woke up and my mom wanted to get into a fight with me about mess in my grandmother’s house. It’s been a challenging situation here in my grandmother’s house lately. I basically moved to L.A. to help take care of my grandma, but now I guess my mom’s going to be moving in here permanently within the next two weeks, and I will not really be needed.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been sleeping on a couch, living out of my car, and just transitioning to sort of just be here and cook and clean for my grandma. I even encouraged her to start doing yoga, which really helps her when she feels motivated to do it. Elderly need companionship. We don’t believe in putting her in a home or hiring a caregiver. We are her family, so that’s our job, and that’s what I was crashing on a couch for. But crashing on a couch is challenging. Not having your own space is rough and if two people don’t have their own space, it’s rough for both parties. My mom has been living here too. She feels comfortable spreading her clutter wings while I try to maintain my possessions. People come to visit my grandma often so having it cluttered is really not pleasant for visitors, or anyone really (except maybe a packrat or hoarder)

Now, with my mom coming in here, with all her clutter, the idea was really getting me crazy, but eating raw has made my head more clear and more relaxed. I know that I will probably need to get my own place now. Everyone needs their space, and with two people crashing on a couch, or two couches, that’s just nuts!

 I really don’t want to leave a house that has kale, basil, mint, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, avocados, and pomegranates growing in the yard, but a girl needs her sanity and that comes with having a place to hang your hat.

Right now that place is a combination of a dead man’s room, my car, and a couch.

I started envisioning what I wanted. And that’s the way to stay pure. Regardless of what darkness that may exist, you surround it with goodness, and the bad will melt away.

And then I got an email from a lady who is giving me an opportunity to write guest blogs for her website. My insides were glowing with excitement, and I felt even better from eating raw food. In with the good, out with the bad. I swear, eating pure and regular detoxification can work wonders.

We are where we are supposed to be. I have to remember, that everything is okay. I’ve done what I could here. Now, it may be time to move this ship somewhere else.

I feel grateful that I’ve been able to live here with my grandma. She’s an amazing lady and I enjoy talking to her. She has this amazing peace and rationale about her that I admire. The Aquarius knows what’s right. They make good and fair decisions and they always want to be peaceful. I just have to focus on the good.
I stay strong in reaffirming to myself that “all my needs are met” and “I am exactly where I am meant to be today.”