My Spiritual Writing Cleanse Days 10-11: Moving Around Inside

Like most things in creation, getting pregnant is the easy part, the fun part. After that comes the real work that the body does, moving around insides to make room for something new to form.

To me, re-writing is just that, the hardest part. You have to sift through shit to get gold and really think about what you have done and rearrange your life to accommodate this force that’s so much greater than you. That’s what I’m doing right now. Sure, I don’t really want to write at this point. I got pregnant and I’m dealing with the aftermath. But I want my creation to be amazing, so I have to put in the work. Nobody wants to birth something mentally disabled, missing limbs, pre-mature, or worse, still-born.

I want fleshed-out characters, three-act structure, flow, fluidity, planting and pay off, character, growth, empathy, believability, and catharsis.

These past two days I’m re-writing pages 1-30. I was a bit nervous to get in there and start, but once I did, I had fun with it. In my mind, I knew there were many loopholes and too much dialogue. Not enough action. After talking to my best friend/screenwriting instructor¬†about writing, he reminded me to focus on painting a picture with action, scene description, rather than have the talking heads. Nobody really wants to see two heads talking. We want to see things painted,¬† visuals.

Still hanging in there. Re-working, forming this beautiful screenplay.