My Spiritual Writing Cleanse Day 13: Rewriting Pages 45-60

Weird day.  A lot happened and didn’t happen which is why I didn’t write until 6pm. It didn’t take much re-writing pages 45-60. The initial script isn’t bad.  So Pages 45-60 are when the character can’t go back to where he was before. King says you can go back to where you were so you can know why you left it.

“Only go back to know to go forward,” she says.

Page 60 is where the characters make commitments to their changing behaviors/circumstances. Um, that’s where I got today. Tomorrow will be better. Hopefully I’ll get started earlier. Writing at night is new for me. I usually do my writing during the day/morning. It doesn’t hurt to try new things. Being committed means doing things out of your comfort zone or normal patterns. For me writing at night is one of them. Saying no to friends is another. Hopefully I’ll change just as much as my characters are.