My writing spiritual cleanse Day 5: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Five days ago I had no pages of my script, but today I am at page 70. I was supposed to be at 75 today, but I had some MAJOR catching up to do so that’s where I left off. Pretty good, huh?

Today has been totally, completely awesome. I went to yoga in the morning and came home and got cracking on the writing. I actually had a bit of a challenging time sitting down and getting started, but once I did, the pages flowed like water.

I had some really encouraging things happen today as well. In the beginning of this year I reunited with an old friend, probably one of the oldest friends I have that I’ve known since I was 13 who is now a successful actor with connections. So we are planning to work on a project together soon. This is great news. I feel like I cleared out my past and enriched my soil so I could plant something new. Everything is coming together. My wildest, craziest dreams are coming into existence all because I listened to my heart, my gut. I knew my life needed to always be in this place where I thrive creatively. When I think of writing, I become full, giddy like a school girl in love with some silly boy.

But no. I’m in love with the world I am creating. This morning, I couldn’t wait to sit down to write. My characters were waiting to be fleshed out. I couldn’t ignore their voices.

I want to share something revelational with you right now. When you lie to yourself, you attract a world of lies. When you are afraid, you attract a world full of fearful people that are so separated from truth, from God.

But if you are truly brave and living your truth, your purpose, MAGIC HAPPENS QUICKLY. I continue to write every day with a truthful heart and clear mind. I was doing so much weird crap for so long, working in a restaurant, a casino, with kids, in a call center. Not being truthful to who I was. To who I am. That’s over now.

As a great friend of mine¬†often quotes to me: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

It’s simple but it works and it’s essential for writing.

A hummingbird also flew into our house this afternoon. An omen, a good sign indicative of new beginnings.