The Ayurvedas and Banana-Honey Granola Bars

In practicing Bikram Yoga consistency for over three years, I have unintentionally learned so much about the body. You hear teachers say things like Prahna, Chi, Third eye, and Life force energy. When I first started practicing I was just like, okay, whatever, I'm here to stretch and sweat, but it rubs off on you and it … Continue reading The Ayurvedas and Banana-Honey Granola Bars


Releasing the Need

Earlier this year I met Louise Hay in the form of books and audio recordings. She has quickly become the most influential spiritual guide in my life. She's not too ethereal and mystic or preachy and badgering. She's just straightforward and funny without trying. My kind of lady. Anyway, this past weekend I was thinking about … Continue reading Releasing the Need