Building legacy with our own two hands

So the other day I was looking at my instagram and saw this post by one of my favorite people, Julien Kang, an inspirational mma fighter/actor/model who also happens to be very handsome 🙂 . He listed the hashtag, "realman" so I checked it out and saw all these cool posts about what some people think … Continue reading Building legacy with our own two hands


What we can learn from garden compost

Yesterday was my day to work with the kids in the garden. It was a sad day when we discovered that the insides of our compost bin are no Bueno, and we have to start over. Almost three months of work down the toilet. Life can get super symbolic sometimes. When I got home, I dug deep in … Continue reading What we can learn from garden compost

On Not having kids before you’re 30

why it's good to wait to have kids until you are in your thirties

Tell the truth!

I lay in bed at 2:30 in the morning with a nasty sore throat and cough. For days I had become progressively worse and I really didn't know what to do. I had taken teas, gargled with warm salt water, guzzled apple cider vinegar, you name it. So I was just sitting there (because laying … Continue reading Tell the truth!

The power of goodbye

There can be a real fear in letting go of something or someone you have held for a long time because you don't know if you will ever find it again or be alone forever. There's a real comfort in our bad habits that end up becoming learned behavior. We really get upset because we … Continue reading The power of goodbye

What the Garden taught me

Today my grandma and I sat down and began the process of harvesting pomegranate seeds for juicing and dehydrating. I really need to show you the amazing tree she has growing in her front yard. The pomegranates started falling from the tree about a month ago, so we started taking them down. We filled up … Continue reading What the Garden taught me

Form over Depth in yoga

I've practiced Bikram in three different studios now and each one is different. I am so extremely grateful to have started at Bikram DTLA because I learned form over depth. I had so many different teachers there  who mostly emphasized yoga practice as a journey and that you can't expect to master everything in one … Continue reading Form over Depth in yoga