Healing Through Creation

What is Healing through Creation?
Healing through creation started as a blog to talk about alternative healing and it’s still a place for that.
My name is Janae and I am a “Jack of all trades.” For lack of a better word, I’m defining myself in this term, but what better way to say it?
I studied Film, Screenwriting, yoga, and horticulture.
I’m a mom who has lost a child.
I’m a Mexican American who speaks no Spanish.
I’m a wife married to someone who comes from a very different background than me.
I am a vegetarian. I went veggie before it was cool.
I know who Louise Hay is.

But enough about me.
All you really to know is that you are reading a blog written by a freaking human being who has been through some shit, seen some shit, has been broken, built, happy, sad, just plain human.
It is often the painful wounds that give us character and allow us to heal wounds that exist in the world.

Creation helps.
That’s what Healing Through Creation is about.

I care about the alternative path. Alternative medicine, gardening, creative writing, DIY, natural pregnancy, yoga, healthy food, natural childbirth.

These things are not always easy.

Creation is key.
Stick around if you want to read more of the “realness” that is Healing through creation.