Healing Through Creation

What is Healing through Creation?

An idea that you can heal yourself by creating in any form. We have the power to change our lineage and influence the future positively, even if you don’t come from a “nice,” “normal,” or functional background. It is often the painful wounds that give us character and allow us to heal wounds that exist in the world. There is a saying that we do better when we all do better. Imagine if there is a world where we are all healed, we all have healthy lives and care about each other.

Some people are probably rolling their eyes reading that, but I still remain an optimist. This is a goal I’ve wanted since I was a kid and I still believe in it now. One thing I’ve learned is that you can only truly heal others when you heal yourself. You are the key.

But you must create.

When you use your hands for good and take the time to truly understand what you are doing on this earth and do just that, then you are healing the earth.

That’s what we do here at Healing through Creation.

We care about the alternative path. Alternative medicine, gardening, creative writing, DIY, natural pregnancy, yoga, healthy food, natural childbirth.

Becoming the best versions of ourselves and growing together.

I invite you to be a part of this alternative path. Heal with us. Grow with us. Open your heart. Let’s heal the world, let’s heal our souls.