5 ways to Compost emotions

In the spirit of cleansing out/cleaning for the new year, I went through my internet favorites bar, deciding what I was still interested in, had done or already read, and I came across this article "How to grieve, rage, and move on," by Dr. Christiane Northrup about healing from our drama from the past. We always hear that … Continue reading 5 ways to Compost emotions


What the Garden taught me

Today my grandma and I sat down and began the process of harvesting pomegranate seeds for juicing and dehydrating. I really need to show you the amazing tree she has growing in her front yard. The pomegranates started falling from the tree about a month ago, so we started taking them down. We filled up … Continue reading What the Garden taught me

On Keeping Dreams Alive in the Everyday World

Since I had car trouble yesterday, I had to skip work today to get it fixed and oh, on my days off, I am free to do what makes me happy and that is dream. On my days off I am pensive, passionate, and quiet enough to see and feel my other self, the one that has … Continue reading On Keeping Dreams Alive in the Everyday World