Summer Lemonade Cleanse Days 7-10: What I’ve Learned

I know I sort of fell off the face of the earth for the past few days. That’s what usually happens to me on the weekends due to work. Yesterday  was my first day off the cleanse. I was debating doing more than ten days but I decided not to. Having a clean body right now has inspired me to just keep it clean. You don’t invest time and sacrifice, just to throw it away. There are plenty of natural foods that taste just as good or better than junk food.

One thing I learned the hard way is that you need to come off the cleanse properly. Don’t think that you can eat anything on your first or even second day. It will come out of you like diarrhea after your stomach attempts to digest it after oh, ten days without food. It’s not going to be able to do it, so follow the rules. Have fresh orange juice all day on your first day coming off the cleanse and the following day as well. It might be tempting to eat, and it’s not going to upset your stomach right away, but later, oh man, later, it’s not going to be pretty.

Just freaking tough it out, man. Have smoothies but don’t dare go for solids, even if it’s vegetables. You can’t take it yet. I learned the hard way!

So anyway, the experience was more spiritual than anything and I’m debating doing it again come fall, but we’ll see how life turns. For now, I have learned to appreciate my body as a wonderful, intricate machine that requires proper care and routine maintenance, just like a car. This cleanse has inspired me to take better care of my machine everyday. After all, I only have one body.


Summer Lemonade Cleanse Days 6-7: Popcorn and Bikram Yoga

At this point, I am very encouraged. I feel like I could do this for maybe longer than the ten days. If I could make it through this past weekend at my job, being surrounded by food, and hanging with my girlfriend while she ate a burger and fries in front of me, I think I can handle being in social situations.

This time around, the cleanse doesn’t feel like a problem. I don’t mind the saltwater flush and I’ve learned that I enjoy drinking the lemonade more when it is on ice, so that’s how I drink it (with a straw also).  I’ve learned to embrace the smells of food rather than avoid them.

Yesterday afternoon, my girlfriend and I had lunch, or rather I talked to her while she ate, then we went to see a movie. The theater smelled like warm popcorn. I just inhaled the smell and that was enough for me. I mean, things usually smell better than they taste. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of food, but often times it just weighs you down and you regret it.

Smelling the popcorn reminded me of my parents and how they are both popcorn lovers. I started thinking about their divorce and how even though they are separated, I can see how they are very much alike because they do, say, and think very similarly even though they don’t see each other anymore. I became grateful that they are my parents, that I was raised by two goofballs who are very free-spirited. I felt grateful that I was able to come out of that partnership while it was still good. That’s where my thoughts went when I smelled popcorn!

I think what’s different about my cleanse this time around, is that I’m allowing myself to feel everything without resisting discomfort. That’s definitely something I learned from practicing Bikram yoga. It can be very uncomfortable to feel like your body is overheating in an oven-like room, but you are just supposed to lay there, stand there in peace. Sure, all sorts of things come up for me while I am cleansing, but I let them come, I embrace them, and I allow myself to think, to feel, to really be with my feelings and that’s where the breakthroughs happen.

Summer Lemonade Cleanse Day 4-5: Made it through the weekend!

This weekend was challenging because I work in a restaurant where there is food available to us pretty much all the time. Saturday was super busy for me so I didn’t have time to breathe, let alone replenish myself enough to feel okay. Yesterday was slow as hell so it was better, but man, the Father’s Day buffet smelled amazing!

My sense of smell has heightened ten-fold. I smell everything, from the delicious to the putrid. I feel like everything has heightened, my sensitivity especially. I require clarity more than anything and I definitely find myself wanting people to be clear with me when they speak and act. I am clear. I’ve been living clear. This cleanse is clearing me out in many ways. What I want in life, in my relationships, work opportunities, has become more clear over the past five days. I’m at that mid-point and proud to be where I am.

Summer Lemonade Cleanse Days 2-3: Hanging on to my old soul

Yesterday was hard. It’s hardest when I’m social. One of my girlfriends came over my place yesterday to swim but didn’t want to stay that long because she was hungry. She kept saying how she didn’t know how I could be doing this thing. Well, I think a lot of people just don’t know how THEY themselves could do a thing like this. This is my fourth time doing the cleanse, and each time becomes more like clockwork.

I don’t cringe as much when I drink saltwater, I make sure to plan ahead, and really pay attention to what my mind/body is telling me. For me, what’s coming up is finding a new job, traveling, and accepting that I’m an old soul. I love what I do right now because it allows me a certain amount of freedom to travel and pursue my creative endeavors. You know, I take that back. I love what I do right now. That’s all that matters. I just need to trust that I’m in the right place and that all is perfect. Really I just need to trust in the universe. Trusting allows for more enjoyment and peace. I just need to remember that.

Yesterday I felt like I was barely hanging on. Today I feel a lot better. Music and dancing helps. Being in social situations….still haven’t figured that one out yet. I look forward to the day when I can be out with friends in a bar, sipping my lemonade (or kombucha) on ice and having just as good of a time without the aid of food or alcohol.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 10

I made it to Day 10 and I’m so happy that this is my last day on the cleanse. Now, I’m thinking of the next steps to coming off the diet. It is not recommended to just drop the diet and go back to eating the same foods right away. This will mess up the system and cause it to go a little buck wild. Since the body has adjusted to the Lemonade Diet, some important steps should be followed to help the body come off the Lemonade Diet properly.

The first day off the cleanse, Stanley Burroughs says you are to continue to drink only liquid and in addition to lemonade, you can drink fresh squeezed orange juice (not from a bottle or can). I’m going to use my juicer and make a large batch. Burroughs says to drink it slowly to let it settle. The orange juice prepares the stomach for digesting regular food. Last time I did the cleanse I found that the fresh orange juice was really thick and it gave me a headache from drinking it. I ended up diluting it heavily with water and drinking mostly water throughout the day.

On the second day, you continue drinking orange juice and lots of water but now you can make a light vegetable soup and you can also eat Rye wafers. This food will be easy on the stomach and will help it to adjust back properly.

On day three you still drink lots of water, orange juice, and even lemonade, but for dinner, you can now add in fruits, vegetables, and salad.

For the next couple days you eat really light so the stomach will calibrate itself. It is also suggested to avoid meat and dairy. Milk can mess up your stomach during this process and meat is very hard for the stomach to digest. Both of these should be avoided for at least a couple weeks after coming off of the Lemonade Diet.

My boyfriend is visiting me next weekend for my birthday and I have been wanting to take him to this really good Italian deli for their specialty calzone, but now I’m thinking that I’m going to refrain from eating the food there because the dairy wouldn’t be good for me. I don’t want him to miss out but I’ve done too much work to blow it on a pizza place, even if it’s my birthday.
I’ve given myself a wonderful gift for my birthday that no one else can give me: cleaner insides. It was challening to come by but totally worth the effort.

I read that after doing the lemonade cleanse a few times and you see how your body gets used to it, you can go on the cleanse for longer. This is only my second time around and I plan on continuing to do this cleanse at least twice a year and maybe work up to every season. Regardless of what we eat, not all of it comes out of the body. Some things get lodged in there and it’s nice to get it out regularly. I am no longer afraid of this process. I’m just really happy that I was able to share my journey.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 8

Today I felt like I was seeing myself new. I felt that way once when I first starting doing yoga in high school. I remember after final savasana, I laid on the floor feeling my head and being like, Oh my God, I have a head, I’m in a body. Today as I looked in the mirror, I felt that way too, like I suddenly realized I was in a body and I saw myself fresh. I look a little different, smaller, more compact. I feel clear, more aware.

My sense of smell has heightened as well. Whatever food I smell is intoxicating even if it’s meat and even if I won’t eat it. I get excited to eat the first dish we are allowed to prepare after the ten days is up and that is a big pot of vegetable soup.
It’s basically any vegetables along with vegetable broth, a little salt and pepper, and all interested herbs. One of my favorite foods is soup. I absolutely love eating any form of soup. I got into Pho for a while but some of my favorites include lentil, tomato, and vegetable. I just can’t wait to drink a tasty broth and chew some soft vegetables.

This cleanse is a reset for your palate too. You find yourself craving only the best. The nasty suspects such as meat, dairy, and processed foods don’t seem as interesting after you spend 10 days cleaning up after them.

I bought some mint tea last night. Mint tea is another tea that you are able to drink in addition to the laxative tea. It’s very comforting and refreshing, and I think it aids the elimination process as well. After drinking it, I found the night time elimination process speeded up.

On a funky note, today I broke the mason jar I carry my lemonade in. I was sad because I loved that mason jar at first sight. I saw people walking around at a food truck event carrying these cute little jars filled with and exotic colored liquid and soon found that it was a food truck’s special lemonade. I had to get one and that’s where the mason jar came from. It had quickly become my favorite thing since it was so cute and useful. I’ll just have to go back to the food truck to get another mason jar or a store where they sell them. It was just too beautiful.

I also found a way to make the lemonade more pleasing, by drinking it through a straw. I bought these fancy straws from Crate and Barrel. I don’t know what it is, but drinking stuff through straws makes it taste better. It’s a mental thing.
Anyway, today’s been interesting. I look forward to tomorrow. Only two more days to go.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 7

Oh man, I’m so happy to say that today is Day 7. I have endured the Lemonade Cleanse for one entire week and I only have three more days to go. I find that my days go by faster when I have to work and my weekend is now over since my work week starts on Sunday. I have a feeling the next three days will fly by.

I suppose the only thing that concerns me is how I’m going to stay feeling this way–light, clean, and toxin-free. I love how light my stomach feels. I love how my clothes fit. I love that my face has cleared up, and how in the moment I am. This cleanse is very centering. I started to imagine what the world would be like if we were all ate healthy and lived healthy lifestyles. Then I remembered something Louise Hay said about not trying to change other people and just focusing on changing ourselves. People around us are mirrors of ourselves and if we change ourselves then we change others. I find that hard sometimes because I like to help people, but I’ve learned that there’s only so much you can do to help others. It has always felt selfish for me to care about myself only and put myself first, but that’s what I’m doing now. That’s what moving to Arizona was all about. Change requires patience and takes time as with anything worth having.

I don’t need to worry about how things will happen. Like I’ve heard Louise Hay mention so many times-we need to focus on what we want to happen and “the how” will take care of itself. I think wondering “how” is fear and it’s been a journey to change my thinking and have faith that what I want will happen if I focus positive energy on what I want, rather than how it will come to be.

So today I’m focusing on feeling positive and continuing to feel light, clean, and toxin-free.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 6

Last entry was a bit dark, eh? Hey, I’m just sharing what I think and feel because that’s what this testimony/documentary is all about, no censoring. So today is Day 6 and I always feel best in the morning, despite the saltwater flush. This time around, the saltwater flush doesn’t bother me as much now that I imagine I’ve swallowed a bunch of saltwater while swimming in the California ocean whenever I do the flush. I never seem to mind swallowing saltwater when swimming and surfing in the ocean.
It’s key to look at things differently, rather than just be like, ughh this is terrible, how can I go on?

NO. That’s not the way. Being in the moment can be challenging. I find myself getting through each day by staying busy physically, exercising, cleaning the house, running errands. I’m like water in my yoga classes lately. It’s awesome because I’m able to suck my stomach in really hard and for a long time since there’s basically nothing in there. Sucking the stomach is key in yoga so I feel pretty good about my practice lately, thanks to the cleanse.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is focus on things I’ve wanted to do and make plans for that–like my making my own Kombucha. It was sad to say I had to abort the one I was trying to grow because it didn’t grow after over two weeks. I ordered one online and it should be coming around the time the cleanse is over next week. So that’s the next project. I can’t wait to cook again as well. I’ve gathered recipes I plan on creating once this is over, so that’s another thing I’ve been doing to keep going.
Only four more days to go.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 5

It’s the halfway point and things are good for the most part, but last night I started to get really hungry and I started to think of freshman year in high school when I kinda starved myself for around a month. You know, little girls (and many boys) growing up in America, and even more so in Los Angeles, are heavily influenced by warped depictions of women (and men) in the media, so I think a lot of us go through stuff like this at least once in their lives.

I wasn’t alone in my starvation either. My friend Lena joined me on the quest. We both had attended private intermediate schools and were all of the sudden thrown into a public school setting where we didn’t feel like we fit in, but we had each other. We were two naïve little fourteen year olds that didn’t know any better.

She was nearly six feet and gorgeous, Armenian, and totally normal in body weight. I was pretty normal too and only about 5’4″ but I had been told I was chubby a great deal of my life because I came from a narcissistic and vain family. I don’t remember whose idea it was to stop eating, but we started doing it and loved it for a while because we were losing weight. I would basically just eat a little bit of fruit and maybe white rice here and there. I didn’t know jack about health. All I knew was that whatever I was doing was working and I was losing weight. And then one day Lena told me that her parents got so upset with her for starving herself that they made her sit down and eat steak and she nearly threw up. It was then that I realized that maybe what I was doing was wrong. My family wasn’t going to tell me what I was doing was wrong because they were weight obsessed and anything that worked was fair game. After that, Lena stopped starving herself and so did I. Eventually my weight stabilized and I accepted myself for who I was, somehow. I thank Lena and her family for reminding me that starvation is stupid.

I think the lemonade cleanse can be viewed as a deprivation diet because you aren’t eating, but you aren’t essentially starving yourself unless you don’t drink enough lemonade. And that’s what happened to me last night. After some reflection, I realized I only drank about six glasses throughout the day when you can have up to twelve. I’ve gotten to this point where I’m not really into the lemonade as much. It’s really tasty but I find myself not even feeling like drinking it but I have to remind myself that it’s the way I get the nutrients and if I don’t drink enough, I’ll get hungry like last night.

So I made myself go to bed early and I slept in today since it’s my day off. After having enough lemonade today, I feel way better. My energy has restored and I rejoice in knowing I only have five more days to go. That’s really not that long. I feel strong and I know I am doing something to benefit my insides.

I don’t view the lemonade cleanse as a means to losing weight because it’s not recommended to drink only lemonade forever. For me there’s there’s a whole lot more to it and it’s mostly about cleansing.

The Lemonade Cleanse Day 4

This morning I took the saltwater flush like a champ. I had to wake up earlier than normal for work, which meant having to wake up even earlier to flush. My mentality has made this entire cleanse easier this time around. I just look at it like it just has to be done. There’s no way around it and no use in complaining.

And seeing stuff still come out of me after eating no solid food makes me feel like this whole thing is so worth it. You gotta wonder, what is all that stuff coming out? Crap that’s been lodged inside my body. I don’t want it in there.
I want it out and that’s what’s happening so it is reassuring.
It’s all about better health and the way I look at it is that this cleanse is really not for that long. Stanley Burroughs suggests doing a minimum of ten days, but it is safe to do forty. I probably wouldn’t do forty days or even more than ten because I just don’t want to. Stanley Burroughs also mentions in his book that it is recommended to do a 10-day cleanse four times a year for optimal health rather than doing a month long or 60-day cleanse, which would really shock the hell out of the body.

I also read about how you can judge the appropriate duration one should cleanse for and it depends on the tongue.
During detoxification, the tongue becomes fuzzy and coated. When it’s a healthy, clean pink color, the coast is clear. This usually occurs around the tenth day, but if it doesn’t, you can continue the diet a few more days.

Last time I did the cleanse, my tongue was still a bit fuzzy and coated on the tenth day and I thought to myself that I should continue the cleanse but I didn’t. My boyfriend couldn’t wait for me to eat again so we could go to our favorite restaurants. And I kept thinking…yea, I’m going to be clogging my intestines up again. So looking forward to doing that.

This time around, I want it to be different and I have a few more days to think about how it will be.

And to fix my chapped lips, I’m drinking extra water and lathering up my lips with plenty of lip balm. I guess I hadn’t been thinking to drink extra water since I basically drink lemonade all day and use the restroom so much, but the water is important especially since I’m still exercising and losing water via sweat and from flushing.

Anyway, one more day down. About six more to go.