What we do with our hands

So the other day I was looking at my instagram and saw this post by one of my favorite people, Julien Kang, an inspirational mma fighter/actor/model who also happens to be very handsome ūüôā . He listed the¬†hashtag, “realman” so I checked it out and saw all these cool posts about what some people think it means to be a “real¬†man.” I really like this one…

“If your boyfriend’s¬†hands don’t look like this, you’ve got a girlfriend.”

I know it was sexist and grammatically incorrect (if you look at the link),but it really got me to think about hands and the different ways each of us uses them.


I work in community gardens, so most of the time, my hands are dirty. I often think about prehistoric times, how¬†we used to spend our time gardening and getting/growing our food, then eating it. We were way more physical then. Growing/gathering food was our work. We didn’t spend our time¬†thinking about exercise¬†or trying to fit it into our day because our day consisted of¬†laborious activities all around survival and¬†eating food was the reward, the end game.¬†Now, we don’t do that because most of us don’t have to grow our own food or kill wild animals and even prepare our own food. This very simple fact has changed the way we use our hands.

So many of us now sit at desks and type away at computers and phones, pads, whatever. I was super resistant to this change in society for so long because I didn’t like that people are now so dependent on technology for everything and it has contributed to so many health problems all stemming from the fact that we just aren’t as active as we used to be and need to be. After starting a social media internship with a very cool, hip, young lady, I’m coming out of the prehistoric ages and have realized just how essential it is to roll with the times. Still, we must be aware of how we use or don’t use our hands.

Are we really aware of how we use our hands every day?

I have always loved to work with my hands. I started playing music at a young age and continued until I was about 18, but still play every now and then. I was into dark room photography, film, writing, scrap-booking, cooking. Mostly my hands have been used for artistic endeavors. It’s where I feel the most productive.

Lately, I’ve been using my hands for gardening, for learning, for planning. It’s a different time. A phase right now where I haven’t been as creative like I used to, but still getting work done nonetheless.

Our hands are direct communicators with our hearts and minds. I have asked myself in the past, if I was happy with what my hands were doing. When I feel like I can say yes, then I know I’m on the right track.

Are you using your hands for good? Service? Love? Or are you using your hands for hate? Abuse? Out of fear?

Are you using your hands to be productive? Or non-productive?

Lately, I’ve been spread really, really thin, juggling multiple jobs/dreams/people.

I find myself having to think about every action I do. Does it bring me joy? Is it useful? Is it productive?

Look at your hands. It’s an¬†easy way to bring you back into the present moment, if maybe for a second or a few minutes, you are feeling out of sorts. Look at your hands. What are they doing? Are they active in a positive, loving way that serves? Or are they idle and destructive?

I know I want to go out of this world with my hands dirty¬†because¬†I worked hard to help others. I want to know that I used my hands well and people were able to get something out of my hands’ hard-working efforts. That’s who I am. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a productive, positive person who may at times pile many things onto my plate, but will always live a life of service, a life of love and gratitude. I have way too much to LIVE for.

I find that when we have idle hands, evil breeds. Keep your hands busy doing something that serves, that provides love, nourishment, comfort, growth. You will immediately feel uplifted even more.

Hands are powerful tools. Make the right choice and use them wisely.


Summer Lemonade Cleanse Day 1: It’s that time Again

Yea, it’s that time again, for the Lemonade Cleanse. I’ve been trying to do it every season as recommended in the Stanley Burroughs book. I can honestly say that after doing the saltwater flush this morning, I didn’t feel like continuing with the cleanse because just after flushing myself out, I already feel so much better!

But then comes the task of preparing enough drink to satiate the body to avoid dehydration, hunger, nutrient deficiency. My goal during this cleanse is to get really centered and focus on my body and¬†mental/emotional improvement. I also want to avoid chapped lips. The past two times I did the cleanse, my lips got chapped really ugly and it’s probably because my body was in shock and also not getting enough nutrients, so I really need to make sure I’m drinking enough lemonade and water.

Emotional goals. Yea. Doing this cleanse, you start thinking about cleaning other areas of your life, like your car, your closet, your garage. Since I’m a minimalist, I don’t need to clean that stuff because it’s bare minimum as it is. I do need to clean my mind and emotions. How do we clean the mind? Well, for one by focusing on good thoughts and actions and maybe getting rid of toxic people/thoughts from our lives as well.

I know that now is the time for me to really get¬†a hold on my deep rooted emotional issues. Doing a cleanse like this I’m hoping will inspire some self exploration into my heart/soul to understand and release old toxic build-up that doesn’t serve me anymore.

When I lived in Arizona two years ago, I was very clean inside and out because I didn’t encounter many people. I was a hermit to the nth degree and loved it. Now that I’ve started hanging around multitudes of people again, I find myself not being as clean. This is something I strive to work on. Maintaining clarity and cleanliness of mind/heart while being a social person. There has to be a balance somewhere.

So here it is. Day 1/10. Feeling clean, inspired, happy.