What the Garden taught me

Today my grandma and I sat down and began the process of harvesting pomegranate seeds for juicing and dehydrating. I really need to show you the amazing tree she has growing in her front yard. The pomegranates started falling from the tree about a month ago, so we started taking them down. We filled up … Continue reading What the Garden taught me


How to jazz up your water with lemons

A month or so ago, my grandmother plopped a huge refrigerator container filled with lemons on the kitchen counter and said she was going to make some kind of standard sugary lemonade since she didn't want the lemons to go bad. I told her I wanted to use them for my Master Cleanse, so she let … Continue reading How to jazz up your water with lemons

Watermelon post-workout power shake

My grandma bought a package of pre-cut watermelon from the store last week and I practically used it all to make morning shakes, so I bought a huge one from Costco to replace it and that guy is pretty much gone now. Being back in Cali, living with my gran, I've been making smoothies for her every … Continue reading Watermelon post-workout power shake

Psyllium Husk cleansing bread

My dehydrator is out from the shadows and making a nice reappearance in my life once again. I never used it when I was in Arizona for some reason but lately I've been making a few nice goodies--crackers, veggie patties, and I recently found this recipe for bread that includes an ingredient called "Psyllium Husk" that … Continue reading Psyllium Husk cleansing bread

Raw Chocolate Frozen Shake

There are few who don't love chocolate, but nobody likes pimples. Regular chocolate often includes sugar, butter, and milk, which is why it tastes so good. I now look at little chocolate chip morsels and feel betrayed. I once trusted them, thinking they were just plain old chocolate, but we have to be smart and … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Frozen Shake

Spanish Quinoa “Rice” with Mushrooms

I accidentally made healthy Spanish "rice" this week by experimenting with a can of tomato sauce I had on hand. Something cool always happens when I use what I have in my refrigerator and follow my instincts rather than a recipe. So the other day I wanted to make some quinoa risotto. I use this … Continue reading Spanish Quinoa “Rice” with Mushrooms

Cooking like Giada De Laurentis

I love Giada de Laurentis because she's one of the only cooks featured on the Food Network who prepares healthy dishes, in addition to her Italian specialties. So she has a new cookbook that came out called "Giada's Feel Good Food." Many of the dishes have weird food combinations, like an omelet with strawberries in … Continue reading Cooking like Giada De Laurentis