Raw Chocolate Frozen Shake

There are few who don't love chocolate, but nobody likes pimples. Regular chocolate often includes sugar, butter, and milk, which is why it tastes so good. I now look at little chocolate chip morsels and feel betrayed. I once trusted them, thinking they were just plain old chocolate, but we have to be smart and … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Frozen Shake


Spanish Quinoa “Rice” with Mushrooms

I accidentally made healthy Spanish "rice" this week by experimenting with a can of tomato sauce I had on hand. Something cool always happens when I use what I have in my refrigerator and follow my instincts rather than a recipe. So the other day I wanted to make some quinoa risotto. I use this … Continue reading Spanish Quinoa “Rice” with Mushrooms

Recipe Adoration: Carob Tangerine Soft and Fudgy Chews

I've been in minimalist mode, trying to use what I have in my kitchen before going shopping for new stuff. We had these oranges that were getting pretty ripe, so I looked through the pantry, saw some carob powder and Tahini. I thought of making one of my favorite raw desserts: Carob Tangerine Soft and … Continue reading Recipe Adoration: Carob Tangerine Soft and Fudgy Chews

How not to get fat during the holidays

There's nothing like a nice pair of jeans to keep you in shape during the holidays. Since it's been cold, I've been wearing leggings and tights to fit into my boots, so I hadn't noticed that I'd gained weight until I put on my jeans a few weeks ago. So I did what I know … Continue reading How not to get fat during the holidays

Raw Chocolate-Chia Energy Bars

I have to create every single day, especially during the Fall season when I get really lazy because it's darker and colder. I really have to work on being active, creating, and keeping my endorphins and energy up. So the other day I was at work and I was feeling the itch to cook something … Continue reading Raw Chocolate-Chia Energy Bars

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is over and there many old pumpkins that are just begging to be put out of their misery. I found a great easy recipe for vegan pumpkin pie from a website called Detoxinista.com This recipe only includes four ingredients and is just as tasty if not more so than traditional pumpkin pie. The only preparation that takes some time is soaking your … Continue reading Vegan Pumpkin Pie

The Ayurvedas and Banana-Honey Granola Bars

In practicing Bikram Yoga consistency for over three years, I have unintentionally learned so much about the body. You hear teachers say things like Prahna, Chi, Third eye, and Life force energy. When I first started practicing I was just like, okay, whatever, I'm here to stretch and sweat, but it rubs off on you and it … Continue reading The Ayurvedas and Banana-Honey Granola Bars