Uva Ursi and Cranberry Natural Cure for Cat UTI

So my kitty was diagnosed with cystitis about three years ago when I took her to the vet after seeing her pee blood 😦
I ended up spending $50 for the initial visit and about $30 for antibiotics and special food (Royal Canin Urinary SO), amounting in nearly $100. And they told me I needed to feed her Royal Canin wet food forever but a small can is like $1.20 or something. That’s nuts, man. So after she got better, I ended up feeding her regular food again. She was cool for about two years.
Earlier this year she got another UTI and my pharmacy tech school drop-out friend hooked me up with some penicillin that I mixed into the Royal Canin. She got better and I only had to spend around $4 on a few cans of wet food.

Aye, but the other day I saw her squatting in the litter box again and even meowing when nothing came out. That’s when I knew she had another UTI. Since I’m in Arizona, I’m not close to my pharmacy tech drop-out friend in L.A. who could get me some penicillin so I started doing research about natural supplements I could give her and I read all sorts of things and decided to try two supplements: Uva Ursi a.k.a. Bearberry and 100% Cranberry Juice Tablets.

Okay, so most people know that Cranberry helps promote a healthy urinary tract but I had never heard of Uva Ursi. It’s an herbal supplement that has antiseptic effects, also used as a diuretic, that helps to remove excess liquids from the body as is considered a home remedy for treatment of bladder and kidney infections, and kidney stones.

Nature’s Way Uva Ursi, 480mg, 100 Capsule

So I was excited to see if this supplement would work, so I went for that one first, broke it up and put it in some organic wet cat food and she only ate a little bit of it. I don’t think she liked it, so I went to buy two cans of Royal Canin and decided to bust out the cranberry tablets. I broke them up and put it in the Royal Canin mixed with organic wet cat food and she ate all of it. Success!
And just a day after she ate that mix she started peeing a regular, nice strong stream. No more squatting with nothing coming out.
I was just really excited to share that I was able to heal my cat’s UTI with Cranberry and natural cat food without having to spend $100 at the vet.

It’s best to use soft gels like these: AZO® Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement | 1 Serving = 1 Glass of Cranberry Juice| Helps cleanse and protect the urinary tract | Fast Acting | 100 Softgels

That way they are easier to feed the cat when you mix it up with their wet food.