Ani Phyo 15 day fat blast

Ahhh! It's here. I think the theme of the day is "let it go." I went to work today and on the way there some funky stuff happened. My car wouldn't start so I had to borrow my mom's car to get to work and on the way to work there was some road work going … Continue reading Ani Phyo 15 day fat blast


Why the artist need structure

I think I'm the kind of person who desperately needs structure. Structure is the only way I get anything done in every aspect of my life. Maybe it's the product of having  gone through the Catholic school system for my first eight years of schooling or possibly being artistically inclined.  I've always loved school, getting good grades, studying, going … Continue reading Why the artist need structure

Thoughts on a raw food cleanse

I got home today and felt really really hungry. I saw this baguette on the table that looked so tempting but then I went to touch it, and it was so hard like one of those display food items at Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma. It was funny and reminded me that processed food items look … Continue reading Thoughts on a raw food cleanse

Why the South Beach Diet sucks

Today has been okay but I still feel weird after having eaten some solid food even though I wasn't supposed to. I'm so isolated as it is during this cleanse and it doesn't help that my mom buys so many carby items that are all over the apartment. She is a freaking diet soda, fan of the South Beach diet, flesh protein and dairy advocate … Continue reading Why the South Beach Diet sucks

Age affects metabolism. Deal with it.

Today I was at work, eating my Spicy Avocado soup in the breakroom and I saw two young girls eating hot cheetos and chips. As I observed their thin bodies and perfect skin, I started to think about age and metabolism and genes and all sorts of things went through my head. I've never been skinny, even when … Continue reading Age affects metabolism. Deal with it.

Perfect Summer Salad (VEGAN)

I got rocked today in my Bikram yoga class. It was the first time I took class with this young male teacher who kept the class going at a fast pace and really challenged my heart rate and endurance. Awesome. Almost went down but I stayed up and completed every posture. And today is my … Continue reading Perfect Summer Salad (VEGAN)

How to Break up with cheese

Why is the beginning of something always the hardest? Change can be difficult especially when you are not used to doing things differently. I have to admit I am often gung-ho about change in the beginning but as challenges come up I eventually cave in and go back to doing what I used to do. … Continue reading How to Break up with cheese