Enjoying Postpartum Days of Sloth

Postpartum is a very sensitive time in a woman’s life. It’s not only sensitive for the woman, but the baby and the partner. But for our purposes, let’s just focus on the woman. For centuries women have been underestimated and for that we’ve come a long way. Sure, we know that. Feminism woo! Equal rights … Continue reading Enjoying Postpartum Days of Sloth


Book Review: Ani Phyo’s 15-day fat blast

Years ago, before the raw food movement and veganism became what it is now, I was introduced to Ani Phyo, raw food author, chef, whole food and sustainable-agriculture advocate. Ani was doing the damn thing before all the fake ass vegans like Rawvana, Fully Raw Kristina, or Raw Alignment popularized veganism to make themselves rich. … Continue reading Book Review: Ani Phyo’s 15-day fat blast

Honest Portrayal of a postpartum loss experience

I’ve been avoiding writing about the loss of my child like the plague, but as time goes by, I find that it’s one of the only ways to keep her alive. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t even know how to tell this story. So much has happened within the past 4.5 months. … Continue reading Honest Portrayal of a postpartum loss experience

The possibility of an easier pregnancy

I am seven months pregnant with my first baby. This is the first time I've been pregnant and I'll be 34 when I have this kid. I'm happy to be older having a baby because I've had a chance to do many things and grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I think these things have … Continue reading The possibility of an easier pregnancy

5 ways to Compost emotions

In the spirit of cleansing out/cleaning for the new year, I went through my internet favorites bar, deciding what I was still interested in, had done or already read, and I came across this article "How to grieve, rage, and move on," by Dr. Christiane Northrup about healing from our drama from the past. We always hear that … Continue reading 5 ways to Compost emotions

Re-growing food from scraps

I am obsessed with gardening. If you would have told me this was going to happen a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy, but now I'm a freaking gardener and loving every minute. My hands are always dirty, I find my heart skipping a beat every time I see a Home Depot or nursery, and … Continue reading Re-growing food from scraps

How gardening can prevent abusive environments

So I was driving home from one of the school gardens I work in, deep in thought about "Figaro," a certain Fig tree we transplanted last week (The kids gave him that name). I'm often deep in thought after leaving this particular garden because it needs so much work. Since I only visit it once a … Continue reading How gardening can prevent abusive environments