Meditation and the present moment

Okay, so I’ve been meditating every day for the past five days. Things have already improved, mostly in my awareness of my present moment. I have this Lulu Lemon bag that has all these uplifting statements on it and I am reminded of the one that says, ‘creativity is maximized when you are living in the present.”

I find that things haven’t bothered me as much as they usually do. I just connect to myself and my breath and whenever I close my eyes and breathe in, it’s like I’m connecting with something that always says “thank you. Just be here. Stay here. Everything is happening as it should.” When I close my eyes, I feel this. When I hear people’s problems now, I am not affected as much.

I am the kind of person who can find the positive in most things. That’s how I get through some pretty atrocious experiences and go about my business. I’ve heard people’s problems lately and just let them talk, listen, and offer up the best possible understanding I can come up with that might help them think of an alternative way of experiencing their distress.

Meditation has helped me prioritize my responsibilities as well. For some reason, I feel like I can do everything that’s on my plate. There’s a switch that has been flicked on that keeps telling me, you can do all your projects. You just have to devote a little bit of time to all of them every day, even if it’s just thinking of them. It’s because I’m thinking in the present moment, feeling my priorities and dreams as if they were already living outside of my mind and heart, knowing that getting them out into the world is something that is happening, essential.

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