Let it Rain


Today is my garden Wednesday with the kids. We normally water the entire garden but didn’t today because it looks like it’s going to rain. We are hoping it’s going to rain, especially after giving a lesson to the kids about water conservation on Earth Day!

So we just cleaned the garden of weeds and grass and I planted a new cilantro plant. One of the teachers also gave some interesting information about a natural remedy to cure earaches utilizing the “rue” or “ruda” (in Spanish) plant.

wpid-imag0018.jpgThat plant is STRONG. I like to go around the garden and touch certain plants to get their scent on my fingers. I also encourage the kids to do the same as well and they seem to enjoy it, but we don’t touch the “rue” plant. That thing has a nice smell at first but if you really inhale it, it makes my head get kinda tingly. I’m sure there are some people out there who would probably enjoy that but not me.

My co-workers encouraged me to re-start my compost. I guess I’m a little cautious because last time it got rotten, but maybe now is the time. It’s been over a month now. Time for new beginnings. Just because something didn’t work before doesn’t mean it won’t work if you try again.

Life is always guiding me to where I need to go. Every day more and more I am trusting the process of life and I’m exactly where I am meant to be, learning what I’m meant to learn, loving what and whom I’m meant to love, doing the work I’m meant to be doing, giving back to mother Earth.

Today I am proud to be in service of the universe. Today is a great day to be alive. When the wind blows this way before rain, it feels magical doesn’t it? That’s what is going on here in Los Angeles today.

I hope you are all feeling great love and power today, being connected to the earth on Earth Day.

I pray for rain. Let it rain!


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