Affirmation: Clarity, Peace, Serenity

I know it’s cheesy, but this affirmation comes from a Fergie song, “Big Girls don’t cry.” There is a part of the song where Fergie talks about leaving her partner to go home and get some “clarity, peace, serenity.” I think that’s great because it’s what we all need even if we are in relationships. Last night I was having a hard time sleeping and I just wasn’t feeling good. As I laid down to try to sleep, I started thinking of what I wanted in my life and it was peace and serenity. I kept hearing Fergie’s voice in my head, calmly singing, “Clarity, peace, serenity,” and I fell asleep, not to awaken for many hours later.

And this morning, I have just been busy getting things done like gardening, walking with my grandma, and cleaning the house. It has been super productive. For a few seconds, I got that feeling back again, that ugly, fear, and I had to bring myself back to my present moment. The present is a gift. I am here only aiming to have clarity, peace, and serenity. Seriously just saying it out loud feels good and my head immediately is conjoined with my body and I remember all that I am here to accomplish in this life.

I just wanted to share how this affirmation has worked for me on this beautiful day. We are a gift to the world and achieve heaven when we are peaceful. That’s all I want for myself and for everyone alive out there these days.


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