Shameless Bikram Yoga Love

Lately yoga has been the only thing that makes sense in my life. I have had many changes happen within the last five months moving back to L.A., taking a new job, and sleeping on couches, and not practicing yoga regularly.

I forget what happened, but one day I came out of a Bikram class and I felt really good and I was like, how can I not want to feel like this more regularly, or even every day? I thought it was okay to practice Vinyasa flow at the L.A. Fitness by my house. I found this teacher who was the best, out of all the janky yoga teachers I’d experienced in L.A. Fitness. Aziz was the best, but when I went into the hot room, I could feel that my practice was suffering because as good as Aziz’s class was, I just wasn’t stretching the same way.

I needed Bikram. It’s really not like any other yoga practice. It’s no bullshit. No damn chanting or music or out of sequence postures. It’s the best and I can honestly be grateful for not consistently practicing for five months just to see how much other yoga doesn’t compare and how my body suffers.

So, I decided to do work/trade at a new Bikram studio in Pasadena. That was part of the problem. I had been practicing at the same L.A. studio for 3 years and I wanted to go somewhere new, practice with new teachers. Once I started practicing more regularly, I felt like myself again. No matter what the hell is going on in my life outside of the room, my practice brings me back to my heart/soul, and I’m flying.

Sometimes I think I really just need to stick with my yoga and it will lead me somewhere amazing. I honestly believe that these days.



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