Lemon Water “High”-dration

A month or so ago, my grandmother plopped a huge refrigerator container filled with lemons on the kitchen counter and said she was going to make some kind of standard sugary lemonade since she didn’t want the lemons to go bad. I told her I wanted to use them for my Master Cleanse, so she let me have them but as I tried to muster up the courage to do the cleanse again, I started juicing lemons and slicing them to make “skinny water,” which is basically water infused with lemon and other herbs such as mint or basil or even cucumber slices.

I decided that I would use the lemons to make a pitcher of skinny water every day that everybody could share rather than use them for my solo Master Cleanse journey. This turned into making various concoctions of lemon infused drinks, such as blueberry mint lemon water. SDC11867.

Drinking lemon water is really refreshing. It makes you feel clean and clear.

Today, for example, I was at a friend’s since I’ve been sort of half crashing there. Before I left, I made sure to juice a lemon and throw it into my half gallon little pink water jugSDC11872.
As I drove down the hill, I started hydrating. I let the lemon surge through me and bubble my stomach. I could almost “see” what the lemon was doing to my body in terms of hydration and purification. It was amazing almost like an immediate endorphin. I felt giddy, excited to go about the day.

I remember experiencing a water-high like this once when I was in Europe after three days of backpacking and train sleeping. I drank carbonated water for the first time in my life and it was like my jet lag disappeared and my body was adjusted to the 12-hour time difference.

Water is cool.

The best kind of high can be experienced through proper, clean, tasty hydration. Maybe since our bodies are mostly water and when we give ourselves the right amount of water, we become balanced. One with our true nature and we then feel full, complete, “high” on life.


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