Youtube Yoga

I am so excited that my grandmother has finally started doing senior yoga. Living with an 80+ year old woman I am better able to understand what life is like for a senior. When a person is in pain, they don’t like moving, much less getting into a car to go somewhere. But some days are better than others, like Tuesday when my grandma said she wanted to go to the gym but couldn’t drive herself and everyone had to go to work, myself included.

I started thinking, what she would do in the gym? My grandma uses a cane and I’ve never seen anyone with a cane in the gym. I could see if maybe she wanted to go the pool, but she said she felt like lifting weights. Even on the lowest rung, some of those weights are still heavy and we really didn’t think it was a good idea because my grandma doesn’t really move. Lifting weights would probably make her so sore she wouldn’t want to do anything for days and days. So I played around with the main television and figured out how to get streaming internet. I found a senior yoga video that was about an hour long. So everyone left the room and just let her try it. It’s pretty cool because she just sat in her chair the whole time moving her body. Hey, it’s a start. She said she was sore the next day but she wanted to do it again because she liked it.

I hope that this has inspired her to show that it’s never too late and you don’t have to go anywhere to exercise. Youtube has been amazing for providing that. I love to remember that Youtube is a valuable resource for people to learn and share valuable information rather than just entertain masses with dumb crap.


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