Watermelon Obsession

My grandma bought a package of pre-cut watermelon from the store last week and I practically used it all to make morning shakes, so I bought a huge one from Costco to replace it and that guy is pretty much gone now. Being back in Cali, living with my gran, I’ve been making smoothies for her every morning. I bought Spirulina two weeks ago, and I’ve been sneaking it in the smoothies. Heh heh heh. You can’t really sneak spirulina into anything because it’s so green and it pretty much changes the color of whatever you use it in into dark green or brown. I told my grandma the first time I made her a green smoothie, It might look funny but it’s going to taste sweet and good. I think after you get over the look of a green smoothie, you are more open to greens altogether.

Watermelon is awesome in smoothies. It’s sweet, hydrating, rich in lycophene (cancer prevention), and L-citrulline (helps treat muscle soreness). Things we need, especially my gran who is always experiencing cramps and muscle soreness.

She seems to be doing better, more active, and more energetic. I’m just going to keep making her my spirulina and watermelon smoothies, until we get sick of them. One combination that has been working well is:

2-3 cups watermelon,

1 cup frozen banana,

2 cups spinach,

1-2 tsp spirulina (depending on how much fruit you have used).

water as needed

This recipe is AMAZING, really refreshing and smooth. My grandma likes this one better than some of the other spirulina smoothies I’ve tried, probably because she loves watermelon and since it’s getting hotter we can all appreciate delicious, hydrating drinks.

Since I run and do Bikram, I crave watermelon after exercise. It really helps me to re-fuel and re-hydrate, and I find myself eating fruit so much more rather than drinking water, although I still get my water on. I’m going to Costco later to get another big watermelon, since we are almost out.

Ani Phyo has this good cocktail recipe that includes white wine, lime, and agave, in addition to frozen watermelon. I made that this morning minus the white wine and agave, and it was just as good. I’m looking for some good watermelon recipes that include lime. That’s the search for the next few days. Any suggestions?



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