Psyllium Husk cleansing bread

My dehydrator is out from the shadows and making a nice reappearance in my life once again. I never used it when I was in Arizona for some reason but lately I’ve been making a few nice goodies–crackers, veggie patties, and I recently found this recipe for bread that includes an ingredient called “Psyllium Husk” that I never heard of before.

Last weekend I went into one of my favorite stores in East Los Angeles called “Yerbas de Mexico” or “Herbs of Mexico” in English and found the Psyllium Husk. I was looking for Spirulina and right next to the bin with Spirulina was the Psyllium husk. I figured it had to be destiny. I had been thinking about making the bread but had never heard of Psyllium husk. I have a friend who works in this store so she told me what she knew about it.

She was like, yea there’s nothing like taking a good “Psyllium sh**” because the this thing sticks to your intestines and cleans them out. My boyfriend and I were like, “OOOO Cool but gross…” We both bought a bag of it. I read some stuff online about how to take it and they say to take it around 30 minutes before a meal so it expands in your stomach and you eat less.

The stuff really works, at least with cleaning you out anyway and it’s very gentle.

We read stuff saying that you have to be careful drinking the psyllium husk because it could expand in your throat or chest if it gets stuck. I suppose that could happen, but we create our reality. If I think it would happen, yea, maybe it would, otherwise, it’s all good. Hasn’t happened and it’s not a concern.

This week I made the bread using the psyllium and it’s awesome. It’s very moist and soft yet held together just like a regular bread. Can’t wait to use the psyllium in other recipes.


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