The Test

The Course in Miracles lesson for yesterday and today are similar. They involve vision due to the strong positive nature of the words. Today’s lesson is: “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.” Yesterday was: “God is in everything I see.”
To practice the lessons, you are just supposed to look around you at objects, people, etc. and say the words, “God is in everything.”

Yesterday when I went to work I was working on some writing. I wanted to write about coffee additives like Splenda or Coffee Mate and how they are like poison, but once I started practicing the mantra, “God is in everything,” any negative thoughts I had immediately disappeared.  I wanted to go on a rant about the people who make coffee additives, but I couldn’t. God was in everything I was seeing. This world was full of God and love. I changed the direction of my piece immediately.

But yesterday I was TESTED. I was at my night yoga class with my least favorite teacher, an interesting bird with a huge ego who doesn’t address me by my name even though he knows it. I kept having to tell myself, “God is in this teacher,” “God is in this man.”

Boy, it was hard!  I had to constantly say it during Savasana, because normally I would roll my eyes when he talked or made any of the negative comments he would make regarding his philosophies in life about how people should be. I realized that I was being tested. If there are people we don’t like, they are reflections of what we don’t like in ourselves and we have to work even harder to love those people. I like most people, especially yoga people because they are generally good natured. This teacher is nice but awkward and a little fake and I think he means well but the way he comes off is negative, since he uses negative reinforcement. I guess I don’t like that because that’s how I grew up. Negative reinforcement was used on me and it didn’t work. I only ended up rebelling or rolling my eyes, so now I still roll my eyes as an adult when I hear it because I don’t find it effective. It leaves a stale air in the room.

But I must work hard to remember that God really is in everyone, because it is in our minds. This teacher is a reflection of parts of me that still exist and I must work hard to embrace and love, even though it may be challenging.


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