A Course in Miracles Lesson 12

Today’s lesson from the Course is “I am upset because I see a meaningless world.”

When I wanted to start the Course in Miracles workbook before, I was put off by the lessons because they seemed negative and I felt like they implied that anyone coming to the course already thought negatively. I don’t like to look at anything as being “meaningless,” and I don’t like to be upset about things.

But I think what I’m getting or understanding about the Courses’ teachings so far is that these exercises are meant to strip down all previous ways of formulating ideas and viewing our world.
The lesson also said “the world is meaningless in itself.” Whatever meaning previously assigned to the world was done by the individual.

I am very positive and I like to view things in a bright way, but there are things that I glaze over such as my past, without realizing that I may still have old thought patterns that are currently shaping my reality. In 2013 I made a lot of changes, but mostly focused on thinking positively in my present moment, rather than clearing out all the rubbish from the past, almost like covering a crap flavored cupcake with a beautiful, tasty frosting. I haven’t fully stripped down my thought processing to the bare bones.

I’m excited about stripping my thought formulating process down because I know I’ve been baking funky cupcakes for a long time. I’m ready for a new recipe. For today, I am going to recognize that what I see right now is a mere result of past thinking and I’m willing to release everything.
I will take this blank slate idea of “the world is meaningless in itself” one day at a time.
Here’s the link for today’s lesson: http://acim.org/Lessons/lesson.html?daily_lesson=12


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