Holiday cleansing and weekend baking

There’s nothing like a nice pair of jeans to keep you in shape during the holidays. Since it’s been cold, I’ve been wearing leggings and tights to fit into my boots, so I hadn’t noticed that I’d gained weight until I put on my jeans a few weeks ago. So I did what I know best to stabilize my weight and went raw. Today marks my eleventh day of eating a raw food diet. At first it was torture, because I was so used to having oatmeal and toast for breakfast and making warm, vegetable and carb soup for dinner.

I ain’t gonna lie. I love carbs, especially when I’m cold. But what I love better is the feeling I have right now. During the first three days of my raw food cleanse, I thought…why is this so hard this time around? Well, I have never done a cleanse during the holidays because this is the time I usually put on weight and don’t care because it’s almost socially acceptable to get fat during this season. One of my yoga teachers told us before Halloween that the average American gains 10 lbs during the holidays. She’s like, “that’s the size of a baby! That’s not gonna happen to us, okay?”

Going raw put me in control during the holiday season. After eleven days of cleansing I feel so much better and really inspired to keep it going during Christmas. This holiday is traditionally centered around presents, people, and food. Thanksgiving is over but I am determined to keep the thanks and gratitude going by making healthy raw and vegan food next week. This seems to be one of the only ways you can stay raw and keep healthy during the holidays. I’d rather be loaded up on veggies, fruits, and grains first rather than get stuffed on bread or whatever else and be done for the night feeling all bloated and gross.

I was watching one of my favorite raw foodists on youtube–fully Raw Kristina. She made a video of all these raw food platters she was bringing to a holiday meal and some of them seemed nice but really unrealistic. Who’s gonna be salivating over a platter of apples or persimmons or a vegetable platter in the shape of a turkey? One thing she made that seems really cool is her recipe for pumpkin pie brownies.

Anyway, I’m just going to be baking this weekend, making vegan cookies and biscuits to give as gifts. Holiday shopping confuses me because I don’t like getting people random crap, so I’m just going to make some healthy good tasting items wrapped really cute. Oh, and I’m super excited to try baking with chia as a vegan egg replacement. Should be a nice cooking adventure this weekend. I’ll share more later.


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