Inspirational Netflix Health Documentaries

I was so inspired to watch more documentaries on Netflix after finding some real winners like “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” “Food Matters,” and “Food Fight.” So I recently watched “Forks Over Knives,” a movie I had put in my queue months ago, and was pleased with its message. This documentary is informative, useful, and very graphic! I had to cover my eyes while watching some of the bloody operating scenes. They are also very fond of showing people stick themselves with needles. I found that to be disturbing and unnecessary. Not sure what the point of doing that was, maybe to make the viewer feel uncomfortable which lends to the whole uncomfortable feeling one gets when watching a documentary about the way our society is set up around the food and health industry, to ensure that we get sick. The best way to combat this is to get informed about food and eat what is truly healthy and makes us feel our best.

This documentary basically makes the point that since the meat industry has advocated eating meat and dairy, people consume more of these products, and as a result people become more sick and I really love this quote that the documentary points out from Bill Maher when he says: “There’s no money in healthy people. There’s no money in dead people. The money is in the middle-people who are alive, sort of, with one or more chronic conditions.”

Ughh I could get sad about this truth but I won’t. I will just focus on what I like about this documentary and that is the basic message. This documentary advocates a vegetarian and vegan diet and interviews people who have been sick due to eating a primarily American meat and dairy diet, and how they turned it around by eating mostly vegetarian. The answer is in choosing to use forks to eat vegetarian food and avoid using the knife to cut into various meats.

You know I love to hear how being vegetarian is the answer to health issues because I was given crap for being a vegetarian when I first started out at 15. Man have things changed!  I didn’t have information back then. I grew up before internet became common. We didn’t have the internet in my house until my last year in high school! If I wanted information, I would have to go to the library to get books. Now, the internet makes getting information so much easier.

Some memorable quotes from the film are:

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition,”- Thomas Edison.

“Let food be thy medicine,”- Hippocrates.

Seriously, I get so much of my inspiration from watching Netflix documentaries about health. I have found that I mostly seek out the same information–validation that eating natural food is the real medicine that will heal the world.


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