Releasing the Need

Earlier this year I met Louise Hay in the form of books and audio recordings. She has quickly become the most influential spiritual guide in my life. She’s not too ethereal and mystic or preachy and badgering. She’s just straightforward and funny without trying. My kind of lady. Anyway, this past weekend I was thinking about old habits because I was in situations where some old habits didn’t resurface but deep, guttural ones did.

Louise Hay talks about “Releasing the Need,” which refers to how we hang onto certain ideas, beliefs, behavior patterns, disease, weight, all because we have a need for them. I found that to be completely fascinating. How could I need to be fat? Or need to be pissed all the time? Or need to be sick with cold and infection?

I don’t buy books anymore because I like to travel light. I don’t plan on buying books until I’m completely settled but I did buy Louise Hay’s book, “Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them.” It’s a small little book that has all these ailments, the causes of them and affirmations to overcome them. Last week I started to get post nasal drip symptoms, which I  used to get a lot a few years ago. I used to think it was because I worked a job I didn’t like. In all actuality, I liked my job, I just didn’t like the company I worked for, so I quit.  I thought I would never get post nasal drip again, but last week I had it full on.

Immediately I pulled out the Louise Hay book, and looked up post nasal drip. It said: Inner crying, childish tears, victim. The affirmations were: I acknowledge and accept that I am the creative power in my world. I now choose to enjoy my life.

Powerful stuff, right?

When I read the affirmation to combat Post nasal drip, I immediately felt something within me that said, yes, this is you, this is what you need to release. Affirmations are such powerful things. You say them and read them so much that they become part of your thinking and then the physical changes happen. Just seeing this affirmation felt awkward to me because I guess choosing to enjoy my life or be the creative power in my world just wasn’t something I was used to thinking.

On a more positive note, my intention with writing this entry was to say that I have released the need to eat bad food since my boyfriend did end up visiting me this weekend but I found I couldn’t pig out with him like I used to because I just didn’t want to and my stomach couldn’t handle it. Having sugary boba drinks and rice pudding just didn’t sound appealing to me anymore. Releasing the need for one thing allowed me to go deeper to release other things that have been brewing up in me. I guess that’s why I like Louise Hay so much because she’s someone who has been through many hardships and has overcame them and is healthy enough to share what has worked for her so that it can work for others.


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