Jimmy Dean Commercial: Let’s get out of the dark

They told us in my first Film and media analysis class back in college that we would never be able to watch television and movies the same again. It’s a mixed blessing to say that this is true. I can’t watch media the same anymore without thinking about who made it and for what purpose.

I watch a lot of the Food Network, even if the food isn’t always vegan or vegetarian friendly. I have a dream that one day there will be a vegan or vegetarian show featured on this network or that there would be a health network dedicated to alternative cooking and healing.

Anyway, I’ve had it with the Jimmy Dean commercials advertising meat and dairy breakfasts. That big, round, smug sun just annoys me so much because the character is this phony boss-like dude who acts like it’s so wrong if you don’t eggs, sausage, and potatoes for breakfast every morning.

And they show this commercial on my beloved Food Network so often that I’ve had time to really deconstruct it.

The commercial starts out with a regular Joe getting a box of cereal and milk ready for breakfast when the big sun comes in with his cup of coffee and is like, “Is that going to be enough?” He basically belittles the man’s breakfast choice and offers him this meat breakfast bowl, telling him that he’s “been in the dark for way too long,” not to have known about this choice.

Is it enough to just eat Rice Crispies in the morning? Not necessarily, but it’s TOO MUCH to eat all that heart clogging meat and eggs and act like it’s the norm.

Commercials on television are funded by big money to normalize the population into believing whatever the hell the big money wants people to believe. And what they want more than anything is for us to buy and eat the food that costs so much money to produce–meat and dairy. It’s not that it’s a better or even healthier choice to eat that crap. They don’t care about people, they just want us to buy their heavily funded and mass produced product. This food may not kill you right away but it will clog your arteries as well as your mind.

Don’t get me completely wrong. Big money doesn’t want us to die. They just want us “fat, sick, and nearly dead” so that we are dependent on pills, diets, and easy fixes. So don’t believe the freaking hype about what popular belief says is good to eat and what’s not.

We need to do our own research and use common sense. I think I started eating a little bit of meat after I saw how well the South beach diet worked for my mom back in the day. I was a vegetarian at the time and and the South beach diet advocates eating “protein” every day in the form of meat and cheese. The diet also wants you to avoid fruits because they have too much sugar.
I totally get how the South beach diet works now that I’ve done my own research and didn’t take one book’s advice as the end all and be all of dieting. The South Beach diet doesn’t work because you are eating meat or dairy, it’s because you eat way more vegetables and avoid refined sugars and processed foods.

I used to take what people said at face value. Even packaged labeling is misleading. You have to look at the ingredients on the packaging rather than what it says on the front.

Eating meat and dairy for breakfast every day will make you sick and you will look like a big round planet, like the Sun in the Jimmy Dean commercial.

“You’ve been in the dark for way too long,” says the sun. Don’t believe the hype.
Let’s get out of the dark and use our reasoning and do our own research.

You know what would be enough? Well, in the commercial the poor guy was just trying to have his cereal with toast. Yea, maybe not the most filling or nutritious choice.

What would be a good, healthy alternative to rice Krispies or sausage and eggs?


Throw a few stalks of kale or spinach into a blender with a banana and some coconut water.

Or throw a banana, hemp protein powder (or walnuts and almonds), cinnamon, ice, and water into a blender.

For breakfast, you basically want to go light with food that is easy to digest and will not sit in your stomach all day.
I don’t believe in easy fixes, but it’s almost just as easy to throw a few ingredients into a blender in the morning as it is to throw a frozen, processed dish into the microwave.

We heal ourselves by creating. Cooking and creating our own recipes and meals is creation. Throwing something into a microwave is not. It’s been brewing in my mind lately to challenge what foods are socially accepted as the norm. Commercials like this one light my fire because there are so many people who are conditioned into believing that meat and dairy are the norm and actually good for us, which is why there are so many people who are sick from eating that kind of food.

Yes, let’s get out of the dark and see that eating shakes and smoothies in the morning for breakfast is not that hard and can easily be adopted as a new norm.

It is our responsibility to find out what works for us and what’s really good to eat. We must get out of the dark and see the light when it comes to our health and the future of our society. It’s not too late.


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