Post Lemonade Cleanse and Vegetarian Love

So yesterday was my first day off the cleanse and it felt amazing. I still flushed myself out in the morning since the night before I had the laxative tea and I knew my body would thank me for releasing the junk that had been stirred up.

Yesterday I drank pure orange juice and water. It was good enough though. I have a different perspective on food after doing this cleanse. I don’t find myself wanting to eat food the way I used to because of how light I feel right now.
When you only drink your nutrition, you allow your body to rest from the often taxing process of digestion, especially if what you ingest is meat or dairy. I wasn’t eating meat but sometimes I would eat dairy.

One of the things I learned from this cleanse is to hold true to your beliefs. Sometimes you may be the only person in your family who thinks and eats differently and it may seem hard because people might look and tell you what my mom told me when I first became a vegetarian at 15, “cut the crap and eat meat.”

I didn’t cut the crap for seven years until I turned 22 and started eating a little bit of meat. Why? I don’t even remember. But I gained thirty pounds after I started eating meat over the course of three years and then two years ago after I was getting sick every month I told myself, this is enough. I seriously looked at what I was doing and reevaluated my diet, stopped eating meat and cut waaaaaay back on dairy. My weight started to stabilize and things are almost back to normal.

Meat doesn’t do anything for you. I know this from personal experience. It just made me fat and sick and that wasn’t cool.
I don’t care what anybody says now. Dairy is just as evil as meat. As an uneducated teenage vegetarian, dairy was my go-to since I gave up meat. But now I know that a real vegetarian eats tons of vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts. That’s how you get your protein. Nobody can bully you into eating meat especially if you are educated about nutrition.

And I believe that you can heal yourself naturally by eating natural foods, by creating your own path where no path was before. Just because your family or friends or the great majority of society won’t go where you are going now doesn’t mean they won’t follow you one day.

This is my post lemonade cleanse rant. I’m more committed to health than ever before and I’m doing what’s best for my body. I can help change others by changing myself first and that’s all I can do for now.


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