The Lemonade Cleanse Day 9

I am excited to have come this far and at the same time so ready for this to be over. I can totally see why people would want to continue a cleanse like this, because 10 days only really scratches the surface. I’m sure people can rid themselves of junk in the body for two months, but I’m not there yet. Ten days is my max for now. I’m good with it, even though I know I’ve only scratched the surface.

On the plus side, the fuzzy coating on my tongue has nearly disappeared whereas last time I did the cleanse, it was still there on day 10. I think I’m definitely more clean this time around than before when I was cleaning out 28 years of pent up waste. This time around I know there was much less to clear up.

I’ve been watching this documentary called “Forks over knives” that advocates eating a plant based diet and avoiding meat and dairy. I love watching these documentaries because they inspire me to keep going on my health food journey. I once met a vegan who chewed me out for sometimes eating dairy products even though I knew the bad effects of them. I don’t like labels so I never called myself vegan but I mostly avoid meat and dairy products and regular sugar but sometimes I would eat the bad stuff. I used to justify it by saying that it was ungrateful for me not to eat food prepared by oh, let’s say my grandmother or mother. When I used to visit my family, they would often make things that involved refined carbs and dairy. They were used to me being a vegetarian because I became one when I was 15, but not to eat their dishes made with things like dairy and refined carbs is a bit harder to do.

Those foods are meant to be enjoyable. I find myself wanting them, but there are vegan options for almost anything. Watching documentaries like “Forks over knives” keeps my mind on track about why I’m doing the lemonade cleanse in the first place. I’ve been working on being clean for some time. I’ve learned that nobody is going to make you eat anything or go against your beliefs if you believe them strongly. You don’t have to shut yourself out or avoid a family get together just because they are serving regular food. I think the trick could be in bringing your own food, setting the example. People don’t always get it and they don’t have to. You set the example and maybe when they taste your good food they will come to the health side.
Those are my thoughts for this day. I thank the documentary for inspiring me to stick to my guns, and believe and practice what I know to be true even if others don’t get it.


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