The Lemonade Cleanse Day 10

I made it to Day 10 and I’m so happy that this is my last day on the cleanse. Now, I’m thinking of the next steps to coming off the diet. It is not recommended to just drop the diet and go back to eating the same foods right away. This will mess up the system and cause it to go a little buck wild. Since the body has adjusted to the Lemonade Diet, some important steps should be followed to help the body come off the Lemonade Diet properly.

The first day off the cleanse, Stanley Burroughs says you are to continue to drink only liquid and in addition to lemonade, you can drink fresh squeezed orange juice (not from a bottle or can). I’m going to use my juicer and make a large batch. Burroughs says to drink it slowly to let it settle. The orange juice prepares the stomach for digesting regular food. Last time I did the cleanse I found that the fresh orange juice was really thick and it gave me a headache from drinking it. I ended up diluting it heavily with water and drinking mostly water throughout the day.

On the second day, you continue drinking orange juice and lots of water but now you can make a light vegetable soup and you can also eat Rye wafers. This food will be easy on the stomach and will help it to adjust back properly.

On day three you still drink lots of water, orange juice, and even lemonade, but for dinner, you can now add in fruits, vegetables, and salad.

For the next couple days you eat really light so the stomach will calibrate itself. It is also suggested to avoid meat and dairy. Milk can mess up your stomach during this process and meat is very hard for the stomach to digest. Both of these should be avoided for at least a couple weeks after coming off of the Lemonade Diet.

My boyfriend is visiting me next weekend for my birthday and I have been wanting to take him to this really good Italian deli for their specialty calzone, but now I’m thinking that I’m going to refrain from eating the food there because the dairy wouldn’t be good for me. I don’t want him to miss out but I’ve done too much work to blow it on a pizza place, even if it’s my birthday.
I’ve given myself a wonderful gift for my birthday that no one else can give me: cleaner insides. It was challening to come by but totally worth the effort.

I read that after doing the lemonade cleanse a few times and you see how your body gets used to it, you can go on the cleanse for longer. This is only my second time around and I plan on continuing to do this cleanse at least twice a year and maybe work up to every season. Regardless of what we eat, not all of it comes out of the body. Some things get lodged in there and it’s nice to get it out regularly. I am no longer afraid of this process. I’m just really happy that I was able to share my journey.


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