The Lemonade Cleanse Day 8

Today I felt like I was seeing myself new. I felt that way once when I first starting doing yoga in high school. I remember after final savasana, I laid on the floor feeling my head and being like, Oh my God, I have a head, I’m in a body. Today as I looked in the mirror, I felt that way too, like I suddenly realized I was in a body and I saw myself fresh. I look a little different, smaller, more compact. I feel clear, more aware.

My sense of smell has heightened as well. Whatever food I smell is intoxicating even if it’s meat and even if I won’t eat it. I get excited to eat the first dish we are allowed to prepare after the ten days is up and that is a big pot of vegetable soup.
It’s basically any vegetables along with vegetable broth, a little salt and pepper, and all interested herbs. One of my favorite foods is soup. I absolutely love eating any form of soup. I got into Pho for a while but some of my favorites include lentil, tomato, and vegetable. I just can’t wait to drink a tasty broth and chew some soft vegetables.

This cleanse is a reset for your palate too. You find yourself craving only the best. The nasty suspects such as meat, dairy, and processed foods don’t seem as interesting after you spend 10 days cleaning up after them.

I bought some mint tea last night. Mint tea is another tea that you are able to drink in addition to the laxative tea. It’s very comforting and refreshing, and I think it aids the elimination process as well. After drinking it, I found the night time elimination process speeded up.

On a funky note, today I broke the mason jar I carry my lemonade in. I was sad because I loved that mason jar at first sight. I saw people walking around at a food truck event carrying these cute little jars filled with and exotic colored liquid and soon found that it was a food truck’s special lemonade. I had to get one and that’s where the mason jar came from. It had quickly become my favorite thing since it was so cute and useful. I’ll just have to go back to the food truck to get another mason jar or a store where they sell them. It was just too beautiful.

I also found a way to make the lemonade more pleasing, by drinking it through a straw. I bought these fancy straws from Crate and Barrel. I don’t know what it is, but drinking stuff through straws makes it taste better. It’s a mental thing.
Anyway, today’s been interesting. I look forward to tomorrow. Only two more days to go.


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