The Lemonade Cleanse Day 6

Last entry was a bit dark, eh? Hey, I’m just sharing what I think and feel because that’s what this testimony/documentary is all about, no censoring. So today is Day 6 and I always feel best in the morning, despite the saltwater flush. This time around, the saltwater flush doesn’t bother me as much now that I imagine I’ve swallowed a bunch of saltwater while swimming in the California ocean whenever I do the flush. I never seem to mind swallowing saltwater when swimming and surfing in the ocean.
It’s key to look at things differently, rather than just be like, ughh this is terrible, how can I go on?

NO. That’s not the way. Being in the moment can be challenging. I find myself getting through each day by staying busy physically, exercising, cleaning the house, running errands. I’m like water in my yoga classes lately. It’s awesome because I’m able to suck my stomach in really hard and for a long time since there’s basically nothing in there. Sucking the stomach is key in yoga so I feel pretty good about my practice lately, thanks to the cleanse.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is focus on things I’ve wanted to do and make plans for that–like my making my own Kombucha. It was sad to say I had to abort the one I was trying to grow because it didn’t grow after over two weeks. I ordered one online and it should be coming around the time the cleanse is over next week. So that’s the next project. I can’t wait to cook again as well. I’ve gathered recipes I plan on creating once this is over, so that’s another thing I’ve been doing to keep going.
Only four more days to go.


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