The Lemonade Cleanse Day 4

This morning I took the saltwater flush like a champ. I had to wake up earlier than normal for work, which meant having to wake up even earlier to flush. My mentality has made this entire cleanse easier this time around. I just look at it like it just has to be done. There’s no way around it and no use in complaining.

And seeing stuff still come out of me after eating no solid food makes me feel like this whole thing is so worth it. You gotta wonder, what is all that stuff coming out? Crap that’s been lodged inside my body. I don’t want it in there.
I want it out and that’s what’s happening so it is reassuring.
It’s all about better health and the way I look at it is that this cleanse is really not for that long. Stanley Burroughs suggests doing a minimum of ten days, but it is safe to do forty. I probably wouldn’t do forty days or even more than ten because I just don’t want to. Stanley Burroughs also mentions in his book that it is recommended to do a 10-day cleanse four times a year for optimal health rather than doing a month long or 60-day cleanse, which would really shock the hell out of the body.

I also read about how you can judge the appropriate duration one should cleanse for and it depends on the tongue.
During detoxification, the tongue becomes fuzzy and coated. When it’s a healthy, clean pink color, the coast is clear. This usually occurs around the tenth day, but if it doesn’t, you can continue the diet a few more days.

Last time I did the cleanse, my tongue was still a bit fuzzy and coated on the tenth day and I thought to myself that I should continue the cleanse but I didn’t. My boyfriend couldn’t wait for me to eat again so we could go to our favorite restaurants. And I kept thinking…yea, I’m going to be clogging my intestines up again. So looking forward to doing that.

This time around, I want it to be different and I have a few more days to think about how it will be.

And to fix my chapped lips, I’m drinking extra water and lathering up my lips with plenty of lip balm. I guess I hadn’t been thinking to drink extra water since I basically drink lemonade all day and use the restroom so much, but the water is important especially since I’m still exercising and losing water via sweat and from flushing.

Anyway, one more day down. About six more to go.


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