The Lemonade Cleanse Day 3

Today I felt so good, motivated, euphoric almost. I felt a lightness of being as I had optimal energy and very little hunger pangs. My stomach feels really light. I have heard from different sources that we humans do not need to eat that much. It’s true. I mean, I feel best when I don’t eat that much. At first it’s shocking, but after a while you realize that it’s more of the taste that food that you enjoy and miss rather than actually needing to eat it. Well, we were given taste buds so we would enjoy food in order to ensure our survival as creatures but you can get along just fine with eating very little. Knowing that and feeling good with little to no food is just testament that we can function better with less food. No gas, no bloating, no need for digestion. I can live with that, for ten days at a time, a few times a year, forever.

Anyway, I did notice one thing: my lips have become incredibly chapped. Last time I did this cleanse my lips were chapped as well.

It was kinda funny because I was in a department store with my mom and we had signed up to have our makeup done as part of a promotion at the Clinique counter. I’m not crazy for makeup but I just did it to spend time with my mom since at the time I lived on my own and didn’t see her that much. The lady who was doing my makeup noticed how chapped my lips were and she was like, “oh, you need this lipstick…” It’s so full of this and that moisturizing mineral and I didn’t know how to tell her I was doing this intense cleanse that involved lemonade and saltwater flushing. I mean, I think this cleanse just makes your dehydrated due to the saltwater flush in the morning and the laxative tea in the evening.
I just have to make a conscious effort to drink more water every day, even though I’m drinking so much fluid already that I pee at least two times every hour. Chapped lips are no fun. I’d rather use the restroom endlessly to fix this problem.


3 thoughts on “The Lemonade Cleanse Day 3

  1. Actually your lips are getting chapped because when you restrict calories enough your body changes the way it regenerates cells, basically your body panics and stops generating cells in some places (your hair and nail growth slow dramatically) and your body tries to absorb any nutrients it can, it does this by focussing blood on the digestive system and taking it away from other areas. blood = fluid = hydration. hence dry lips. Also having good fats in your diet helps keep your skin and lips moisturised.


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