Master Cleanse a.k.a. Lemonade Cleanse Preparation

It is Lemonade Cleanse eve for me tonight as I just finished a cup of laxative tea in preparation for the storm tomorrow. The night before you start the lemonade cleanse, you drink an herbal laxative tea and as I drank my tea, I had some thoughts.

I have sort of been dreading this day but also looking forward to it for many reasons, which will become clearer to me as I embark on my second stab at this long overdue cleanse. The Master Cleanse is one of the most spiritual things I’ve ever done because it helps you get really clean in the body and as a result, other parts of your being involuntarily become clean.

If it hadn’t been for my Bikram Yoga community in Los Angeles, I wouldn’t know about the Master Cleanse, the benefits, and that there are other people who do this and don’t die. The reason I am doing a documentary is because when I first did the Lemonade Cleanse back in February, I was searching for anything I could get my hands on that would give me support, guidance, and advice about the cleanse and there wasn’t much other than a few articles and the Stanley Burroughs little pamphlet book, “The Master Cleanse with special needs and problems.” The book serves as the guide for the cleanse but it’s such a small book that I found myself reading it over and over again every day during the cleanse to make sure I was doing it right but I think what I was really looking for was something to read, a testimony of what it would be like. So this is my testimony of what this cleanse is, why I do it, and how it feels every single day for nearly 10 days. I might go a little longer depending on how I feel.

So these are just some of the thoughts I am having tonight but in all, I am looking forward to cleaning myself out again. It’s a great way to reset the body and just in time for my birthday at the end of the month.

I don’t have enough lemons at this time, but I’ll go shopping for them first thing tomorrow after I do my first dreaded salt water flush. Ahhhh. I got chills just thinking of it. I gotta look at it differently. Maybe I can pretend I am surfing back in California and I swallowed too much saltwater while getting wiped out in the ocean. I don’t mind getting wiped out at all because I love the ocean and surfing, so it’s definitely better to associate the saltwater solution with these elements rather than just drinking hot saltwater alone. I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

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