On Keeping Dreams Alive in the Everyday World

Since I had car trouble yesterday, I had to skip work today to get it fixed and oh, on my days off, I am free to do what makes me happy and that is dream. On my days off I am pensive, passionate, and quiet enough to see and feel my other self, the one that has wild thoughts.

I understand the world that breeds people to be zombies. I understand it because I live in that world, I was raised in it. But there is a doorway to another world and in this one we are free to dream. In our dreams we are uncensored, unmonitored. In that world, the impulses reign, true desire grows into a beastlike creature we never thought would be born from us, but all it does is protect the dreams that are sensitive in the light of the everyday world. The beast knows that without protection, baby dreams are eaten alive by television commercials, 9-5 jobs, limited beliefs, and negative thoughts.

Today I stay awake in the dream world. I let the beast protect my baby dreams by being creative, being pensive, meditating, feeding my body with nourishment and positivity. I understand many of us choose to live in the ordinary world in order to survive. I still haven’t figured out how to live in the everyday world without working a regular job, but one day I will. As of now, I won’t let the regular world kill my dreams.

There is no “right” way to do anything . There is nothing we “should” be doing. Louise Hay has said that the word “should” must be eliminated from the English language. There is no use for it. Become aware of who says “should” even if you say it. It does nothing but dictate expectation for how a life is meant to be lived and who knows that other than God, other than you? This is one way we can keep our dreams alive, by having our “crazy” thoughts and not letting anyone, even ourselves rip them apart. You were given that thought for a reason. And to find out if it’s really brain diarrhea or not, just do a free write and see if you still have that pure thought. If it’s still there, then it’s not brain diarrhea. It’s a baby dream trying to grow.


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