Day 18 of 21

With the weekend approaching, I am super excited to have some days off work and I am so close to finishing this cleanse, it makes me giddy. Last night before I went to bed, I made the raw brownies for today’s snack. What I did differently was I put the batter inside of cupcake tins with cupcake liners because I knew I wanted to take some to work to have as an afternoon snack. And I also wanted to make them cute and travel friendly for my mom as well since she seemed very interested in trying them out.

With most raw food desserts, the texture can be crumbly. I found that the brownies held together best inside of the cupcake liners. I did my best to make sure the batter was moist enough by adding a few splashes of water in addition to the sticky dates.  Putting the brownies in the refrigerator overnight helped as well. They are still pretty crumbly but oh well. That’s what you get when you don’t have milk and hydrogenated oils holding everything together for you. I feel much better eating these and in using the cacao powder, you still get a nice chocolately taste.

Well, my mom and her coworkers loved the brownies. I am so excited to share raw food with people and have them enjoy it as much as I do. It will make them want to eat and explore more. Also because I love cooking for people and sharing food. Since I’ve been exploring raw foods, I experiment with so many different ingredients and recipes. When I get to cook or shall I say prepare food for people, they can see how easy it is to make, how good it tastes, and how well eating this food makes them feel.


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