Day 17 of 21

I think I’m the kind of person who desperately needs structure. Structure is the only way I get anything done in every aspect of my life. Maybe it’s the product of having  gone through the Catholic school system for my first eight years of schooling or possibly being artistically inclined.  I’ve always loved school, getting good grades, studying, going to class. I even went so far as to get a Master’s degree but now I’m totally over school and I highly doubt I would go back because I now have the overwhelming feeling like I can make my own rules. I can approve of my self progress and success. I don’t need to go through another system to be judged and graded. I can do that all on my own. I can make my own system.

Only problem is, I’m a little bit of a rebel. I still have that wild side inside of me that loves to go against the grain even if its my own system I create that’s supposed to help me be healthy and prosperous. I slip up so easily. I mean, I eat good for the most part when I’m not doing a cleanse but I love carbs so much. I love to chew. Even though I feel pretty terrible when I eat carbs, they are hard to shake. I’ve always kinda loved the bad stuff that tastes so good but you know its not in your best interest. I know that I’m changing and structure is what I need to maintain life changing behavior so that I don’t go back to my old ways. My goal is to maintain the health I’ve worked so hard to attain.

Anyway, I thought about this today as I started thinking of what it’s going to be like for me once these last few days of the cleanse are over. A structured diet plan is the only way I stay on track with my weight loss and healthy eating.




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