Day 15 of 21

Phase 3 is in full effect. It has to be said that the Kreamy Chipotle Dressing is orgasmic. I thought I loved the Thermo Dressing but this one is competing for my taste buds’ affections.

The Kreamy Chipotle dressing consists of pre-soaked cashews (1 cup), 1/2 cup water, 1 tbs miso paste, 1/2 tsp chipotle chiles. Goodness. The title of Kreamy is with a K on purpose, just to note. All the vegan mock creamy dishes use a K instead of a C on the word Cream or Kream. And the Kreamy Chipotle dressing goes over the lunch salad consisting of romaine, 2 tbs diced celery, 1/4 cup red bell pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Wasn’t too impressed with the Vanilla-Blueberry Shake. What’s cool about the dinner for today is you finally get to have zucchini noodles with raw marinara sauce. Now, I’m very excited for these noodles because I’ll be using the spiralizer to make them. Last time I did this cleanse I just used kelp noodles that I bought from the Asian market in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo arts district. Kelp noodles are from the sea, crunchy and packed with protein. Since I’m in Arizona now and don’t know where to find an Asian market that has kelp noodles, I’ll just make my own.

The spiralizer is a very cool gadget that makes noodles out of almost any vegetable. Zucchinis work best since they are long and pliable. It’s just crazy. Obviously  zucchini or kelp noodles aren’t like regular pasta noodles but have a similar consistency that is satisfying enough to trick your brain into believing you are having pasta since the mouth feel is reminiscent of a pasta noodle. But what is mostly satisfying is the marinara sauce which uses tomatoes, oregano, rosemary, lemon juice, olive oil, and sea salt all blended together and just poured over the noodles.

I love this Phase and I love that my mom has a Vitamix. I was planning on buying one but for now hers will do. This is the essential blender for making raw food sauces, ice creams, soups, shakes, etc. When I did the cleanse last year I used my roomates’ cheepo blender that eventually sounded horrible because of my overuse. A Vitamix is fully equipped to chop up nuts and seeds and pulverize food into a pulp if so desired. The Vitamix really made the Kreamy Chipotle Dressing happen today. I know it can be a little expensive but you would save money buying the Vitamix once since it has a lifetime warranty rather than buying a bunch of blenders that will break down due to raw food preparation. My old roomates’ blender sounded awful and almost seemed like it was smoking sometimes when I would use it.  Anyway, just wanted to share that as well. I’m just so excited for  Phase 3. We get to use the food processor in this phase as well and have dessert later in the week 🙂


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