Day 13 of 21

There is one more day of Phase 2 during my second week of the cleanse and I’m excited to get through it. I’m writing later than I normally write but it’s just been a busy day. My back is  sore as shit today. I went to yoga more than usual this week and I can feel my body changing. My intense lower back flexibility is returning. Man, it took two months for that to happen but when I come to class at least 4 times a week, I can maintain it better.

Yesterday I broke down and bought cacao powder for the “Chocolate Banana Mylk Shake” (banana, cacao, flax, water, pinch of stevia or two dates) that is the morning breakfast and snack shake for today. I used to use carob powder that I would buy from Whole Foods because it was cheaper but I think I like the taste of cacao powder better. It smells and tastes more like chocolate than carob.

The salad for Day 6 is the Asian Cabbage Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. Many of the salad recipes in Fat Blast use shredded cabbage and carrots as the salad base, which I never thought to do before. This salad is my favorite. It is basically shredded cabbage and carrot with sliced cucumber, mint, basil, and cilantro and almonds for protein. Oh, and you sprinkle nutritional yeast over it with the apple cider vinaigrette. To live for. Seriously. This salad is so simple but so delicious.

Today was productive. I feel good and clean and happy to be alive.

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