Day 10 of 21

There’s something about being in double digits that is so gratifying and refreshing. Today is  Day 10 and I’m almost halfway there. Today has been okay but I still feel weird after having eaten some solid food even though I wasn’t supposed to. I’m so isolated as it is during this cleanse and it doesn’t help that my mom buys so many carby items that are all over the apartment. She is a freaking diet soda, fan of the South Beach diet, flesh protein and dairy advocate and she doesn’t get what I’m doing. She tries but every other day she offers me a dairy product or meat and I’m like, do you remember that I’m not eating meat anymore and that dairy makes me get diarrhea and hardcore acne? Trust me, the South Beach diet works but its only because you avoid eating refined carbs and sugars, not because you are chowing down on meat.

I didn’t know before exploring raw food that you could get protein from greens like spinach and kale and supplements like chia, spirulina and nutritional yeast. I knew about nuts and avocado but protein from plants and nutritional yeast? Amazing. Yea, you might not be full from eating straight up kale stems, and you might have cravings, but your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

I have so much on my mind today. I could go on and on and on about the South Beach diet and all the lies I believed when I started eating meat and dairy in my early twenties. I think for me carbs are the hardest food to shake. I was a vegetarian for many years throughout most of my teen years and into my early twenties. My mom got so pissed at me when I became a vegetarian. She was like, “Cut the crap and eat meat.That’s why you are so short!” I’m really not that short. I’m 5’4′. Isn’t that average?  I think when you go vegetarian without really knowing anything about nutrients, you eat carbs to replace meat, but carbs (whole wheat) aren’t necessarily the best thing to eat. This cleanse is really making me see and FEEL how shitty my body feels after eating any form of wheat carbs.

I guess I do have some voids I’m still not filling but at least I’m aware of it. I think what I’m also learning is that I have to be cool with being who I am and eating what I know is healthy for my body despite popular diet trends and “facts,” and popular beliefs about dietary needs and that cooking is king. Cooking kills nutrients in food. Does that mean that all cooking shouldn’t be done?  I feel so weird cooking sometimes because I know I am killing the nutrients in my food so basically I’m filling my stomach with fiber and whatever else, then how easy will it be for me to digest these things I’ve just ingested? Anyway, I feel like I’m starting to get into the topic of elimination and I’ll save that for when I do the Lemonade Cleanse documentary next month. That’s going to be a fun one.


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